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Women like to kiss in this look
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Many men have to shave every morning, so this is good news for them. According to this research, in India, Vietnam and Malaysia, men love their mustaches, but in urban India, women like to do the men without mustache. According to the survey, [1 9459007] According to the survey, throughout Asia, men and women do not regard a long beard as good. Indian and Thai men are in the face of whiskers and light beards, while India has a clean-shaven look or a gown.

In Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Bengaluru and Patna, Have been told about. Surprisingly, 72 per cent of women in Mumbai and 83 per cent of women in Chennai would like to share without having a bearded mustache. This is the opinion of majority in Delhi and Kolkata. However, women are not concerned with a light beard. 64 percent of women in Mumbai say that a light beard enhances the sex appeal of men.

About 36 per cent of the men in the country keep the mustache while 27 per cent of the women consider this to be 'old fashioned'. Now know what men want? 72 percent of men in Mumbai divfer a clean shave look. This figure is 82 per cent in Delhi, 79 per cent in Ahmedabad and only 44 per cent in Chennai. That is, 56 percent of men in Chennai have a mustache.

Another thing that came out in the survey was that most people in India want to remain clean shave. Ninety-nine percent of men have a clean shave, but only 55 percent of them keep a bearded mustache. Indian men shave nearly three times a week, which is much lower than the Korean and Japanese men.