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Why is the first thing in the morning to bow to the earth? | Timesok.com


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Why is the first thing in the morning to bow to the earth?
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Hindu religion or Sanatan Dharma is advised to bow before it before rising on the earth after rising in the morning because the earth is our guardian. Earth provides us with all the necessary ingredients for our life. Whether it is water or food. By honoring the earth and thanking it, we can increase our good fortune because the earth is also the place of Goddess Mother ...

Social significance
Pranking the earth increases our love for our motherland and our earth. We have a sense of responsibility towards our country, our land. It can be said that the elderly also give us this ritual for awakening the sense of responsibility within us.

This is the way to bow down
Before sitting on the bed before sitting on the bed, should do. After this, check the nose's tone, which tone is going on. In order to check, keep the palm in front of the nose and breathe fast, keep the feet on the same surface as fast breathing, first put it on the ground. The body gets scorched by lying overnight. When you wake up in the morning when you touch the earth, the whole body bends, thereby removing the stiffness of the spinal cord and body joints, and the blood circulation becomes smooth.

Put the foot on the earth in this direction. The first step
Take a few steps towards north direction. The direction of wealth is of Kubera, it is the direction. By doing this, the path of progress is opened. Money is rainy.