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What are your expectations of a life partner? (What Are Your Expectations From Your Future Spouse?) | Timesok.com


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What are your expectations of a life partner? (What Are Your Expectations From Your Future Spouse?)
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What are your expectations from a life partner? (What Are Your Expectations From Your Future Spouse?)

In every face, Aks looks at her ... even though hers ... her laughs sometimes gets scratched in the ears, then a blurry picture emerges in the heart ... They are often shocked by not thinking about it, but we are ... we are weaving them in the Khaylaon, a picture of what we have ... we are forced by the heart, so much so that ... they are searching for them nowadays ...

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If someone wants a prince of dreams, then there is a Husseini angel, there is an idol in everyone's heart, which he wants to make his life partner. Everybody has some desires and expectations about the life partner who is going to be there, we tried to know some such expectations.

Expectations from the wife of the going

Working in a corporate firm Reena Panchal says that my future husband should be cultured, sensible, and bearable. He is a sort of person, a person whom I can trust completely and who will play our relationship with sincerity, who can explain to me on my mistake and praise me for doing good. One more important thing she never divtended in my salary, if she wanted to keep her for my mother, then she would not have any objection.

- Like me, adopt me like that

Every girl hopes this That is, her husband adopts her just as she is. Every person is different and this is the beauty of this relationship that two very different people spend their life with sour and sweet memories. It is not a good idea to change one for the sake of your convenience.

- The importance of family values ​​

Girls always want to marry a family man who always gives priority to his family and family with quality Spend time too Such a person goes ahead with his family in the right way.

- Be kind and patient

People of selfish and hopeless people do not like anyone. No girl wants her husband to be a charismatic charity, but not too stingy. He should have patience, so that he can handle every new change with patience patiently.

- Play your responsibilities

Every girl wants that any boy who comes into his life is a responsible person. Yes, because if he is responsible, then he will play all the responsibilities associated with the marriage with full sincerity. Life is very easy with such a person.

According to Sunita Ilhe According to News Channel TV9 Programming Anchor in Maharashtra "My life partner should be very loving, as well as Must be intelligent too. Want to do something in life? Be a sensible person and yes should be well set. It is such that I can easily trust and be ready to spend my whole life with her. "

- Respecting women

says that a boy who loves his mother a lot and They respect him, he will love his wife as much, so girls always want to marry a boy who truly honors women. But girls do not like Mama's boy type boys at all.

- Understanding the Importance of a Marriage

For any boy, it is very important that he understands the importance of the bond which he is bounding in. Marriage is not a sacrament, it is a huge responsibility, which you have to. Especially in the early stages many agreements have to be made in every step. He should know that in order to make his married life happy, he will have to deal with the relationship honestly.

- Financially smart

Every girl wants that her husband, though not very rich, is so diligent and Be smart so that he does not have to kill himself for something. Suppose any human being can not fulfill all desires, but can try to do more and more.

- Who takes care of themselves along with others

who say that He loves himself, loves the same as others. Girls do not like such boys who care about others or just take care of themselves. The boy should take care of others as well as others.

- A person who is also aware of the family as well as the society

Girls want their well-wisher to be like this Along with the society, be aware of and divfer to do something for the betterment of society.

- Progressive Thinker

In addition to changing the time, our lifestyle has changed quite a bit, in this way, girls want their husband to step in with step by step. She believes in moving forward and doing something. Take care of the progress of your family as well as your family. Seeing the success of the wife, it could become a strong inspiration for the inspiration to move forward.

- Sense of humor is good

Laughing, life passes very smoothly. His senses of humor would be good, so that the house was filled with a sense of humor.

Worker in Mumbai Yogita Shinde says that my future husband values ​​family values ​​as the most important. He is a sensible and caring person. He wants to do something in him and wants to move forward in life. His thinking is progressive and there is a special purpose in his life.

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 Expectations From Your Future Spouse

Expectations from his wife's wife

Profession lawyer Gajendra Vati says that expectations are of everyone, but I feel that before making certain expectations from my adopted wife, The responsibilities should be realized. When a girl comes leaving her home and family for my sake, then it is my duty to let her feel unattended in her house. I give my parents love and I hope that they wholeheartedly adopt my parents. If there is any problem, tell me before telling anyone so that we can solve any problems together.

- I can trust him with blindness

Even today, Changes are coming, but the foundation of every relationship is still trust. It relies on faith and trust, reliance on both of them. That's why every boy wants that such a girl came to her life, to which she could believe in the eyes.

- Knowing to embrace life

Every boy hopes that the girl coming to her life should take life I know how to enjoy Looking for happiness in small things and being happy too and keeping others happy. Life can become very easy with such a life partner.

- Strong support systems can be created

Any family can have a sudden problem. Occasionally, in this situation, the family needs a strong support system. In such a situation, a girl with strong intentions can handle the whole family. Boys are looking for such girls.

- Give me enough space

Some girls have a habit, like a satellite, lying behind each and every husband. If there is not enough space in the relationship, the relationship starts to create suffocation. That's why boys want their to be so practical that their supposed wife is able to understand this thing.

- Whoever understands everything without me

Even if the understanding of boys and girls is different, all the boys Want to know that his supposed wife is such, who could understand the point of his heart without speaking.

- Could be a good mother

Every boy wants that his adopted wife be such that he can become a very good mother , So that the good of his children Could be raised. It is said that every girl has a childhood since birth, but she will become a very good mother, only if she becomes a mother.

- Do you know how to care for others

Some girls She takes her husband whole hearted, but she always understands her family members as a foreigner. Someone's wife is not only his wife but also the daughter-in-law of that family. That is why most of the boys want that any girl who comes in her life adopts every member of the house.

- Who knows your priorities

Most of the girls could not distinguish between their needs and desires, and consequently they began to scratch Are there. She has full rights over her husband's pocket, but the responsibility of the house is on her shoulders, in order to keep her divferences.

- Consider my family as my family

Most of the boys from my family Love so much, therefore, that any girl who came into her life adopted her family as her family. Although this is as easy as saying, making it as difficult But if I adopt his family as his family, maybe it would be easier for him too.

- Be sensible and responsible

It is heartening to every boy that the girl who came in his life, he is smart And be responsible.

Asif Syed working in an NGO, according to Asif Syed "Life partners to be theirs are well-educated and sensible. He does not make little talk about the little things, and a good cook. The beauty of the face does not matter to me, it's just honest. I want him to know how to take care of his friends along with him. "

- Anita Singh

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 What are your expectations of a life partner? (What Are Your Expectations From Your Future Spouse?)

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What are your expectations of a life partner? (What Are Your Expectations From Your Future Spouse?)


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