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Trollers responds to Neha Kankar's trousers to show tears in the show. | Timesok.com


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Trollers responds to Neha Kankar's trousers to show tears in the show.
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Indian Idol is a platform where everyone gets the chance to show their singing talents, so once again the 'Indian Idol 10' has come among the audience, but these days the show is fiercely in the Internet world. Junk is being mocked and the trailers are on target, one of the show's judges, Neha Kakkar Yes, trollers are trolling this show and Neha Kakkar by showing their creativity through trollers Memes and Jokes.

 Indian Idol 10

Tell us that these days the Indian Idol tenth season Anu Malik, Vishal Dadlani and Neha Kakad are judges, while Manish Paul is hosting it.

Indeed, Neha has been a contender for the second season of Indian Idol and after so many years Neha was very happy to judge the same show. is . In such a situation, Neha's eyes started to tear by knowing the problems of personal life of a Contestank during the audition. It was said that people got the opportunity to just sit and sit at their junk.

It is being said that during this audition the participants are focusing more on personal life and after knowing their problems The way the judges are being emoaned, social media is being jokingly fired.

Especially during the show in the world of Internet, Neha's target is on the emotional moments. Is being used to troll. Many types of jokes and memes are becoming viral on the internet.

Neha also shared photos of these jokes and memes on his Instagram account while retracting all these trollers and wrote- 'I am an emotional girl And I live in the same way I am in Real Life. I can feel the feelings of the people and I am proud of this. "

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