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Tomatoes can help you avoid this dangerous disease.
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Tomatoes are the only vegetable that is used in almost every corner of the world. This vegetable enhances its taste by placing it in some food every day. We use it almost daily. Tell you that eating tomatoes does not endanger your cancer. Along with this, consuming it can be rid of any disease related to skin. Giving tomato increases the eyesight, and with this, our face also gets refined. It contains vitamins, calcium and sulfur, due to which it consumes hunger and provides relief from constipation.

According to a recent research, Tomato juice and tomatoes, such cells grow and cloning Which causes stomach cancer. Researchers found that tomatoes helps divvent stomach cancer cells. Research found that San Marjanos and Corbarino variety tomatoes have the ability to divvent the growth of stomach cancer and the growth of cloning of dangerous cells.

According to the research published in the Journal of Cellular Physiology, treatment of stomach cancer During the use of tomato extracts, the main process of cancer cells is very much affected. Not only that, the process of transferring these cells to tomatoes also decreases and in the end the cancer cells themselves are destroyed.