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The right way to spend time with a child is to be a child friend
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Sometimes this happens because of the work of the house, or because of the job out you can not give those kids time. What you should be given, due to the work of the school, the children are busy only due to the activities of them. Because of which they do not even have time for themselves. Many times parents can not pay attention to children and this causes children to feel lonely. In such a situation, you must do something to spend time with your child.

Because if you give your children plenty of time, then they increase confidence in them, they get a partner to spend time , So that they can share all the things, etc. And for this you should sit down and talk with children, play games with them, teach something new, know about their interests, etc. So let us now know in detail that what you can do to spend time with the child.

Children should always feel that their parents are with them, which can eliminate their fears and confidence in them Could And it is important to do this so that you spend quality time with them. So, today we are going to tell you some tips to get closer to the children.

Exercise with the children in the morning: -

Early in the morning, good habits can be started in children. It is also good for their health. For this you can take the child to work with you in the morning. And doing this helps you to spend quality time with them and you can make them aware of the benefits of naturalization.

Read books with children: -

Children are very fond of hearing stories. And they have great desire to know about new things. In such a way, you can read new stories by reading books with children. By doing this, children are happy too, they get to know a lot, and you also help in spending better time with them.

Get help from your small task with the child: -

Little children Getting help from working is not wrong, in such a case if you are working in the kitchen. It is better to place the child ahead of the TV or play it out. Let's take help from you in your little work, you will see yourself how happy the children are. Talk to them while doing their work, you can also spend a good time with your child.

Take Pick Nick: -

Children can spend time with family and love with their loved ones Increase. For this, you can make a plan for Pick Nick with your family on a holiday day. Doing this helps the infant and you not only at the same time but also with the whole family to spend better time with the child.

Help with the work of his school: -

Whenever your child is working as a school So you should help him in his work. If he has any problem then he should help him in solving it. This helps you to become your child's best friend. At the same time, he starts sharing everything from school to you.

Sleep with the baby at night: - [19659005] Maybe due to work in the day, or because of any other reason you can not give your child time. In such a situation, while sleeping at night you should sleep with your child. Before sleeping, you should take the hand of your child and coax his hair, try to learn about what he did all day, how his day was spent, how to know about his day. By doing this, you also get to spend time with your child.

Play games to spend time with children: -

Children are very fond of playing games, in such a way that if you have time with your child If you want to spend, you should play games with them. If not everyday or should play with them on the day of the holiday. Doing this helps you to become their friend and spend time with them. You can also play games or outdoor games at home.

Spend some time alone: ​​-

Spend some time with your child alone, talk about what's going on in your child's heart, If there is any problem then ask about it. This helps you to grow in love, and your child also speaks openly to you without fear. Then you should definitely spend some time with your child alone.

  • Make a child's choice food and sit with him, as well as ask about the dislike of the child.

  • In the house with the child Make some creative in which your child is interested.

  • Once a week, you must definitely take the baby out to rotate.

  • Even if you work in the office, it's still time for your child. As soon as you come from the office, do some things together.

  • Embrace the child, make them feel loved.

  • Help them in the work of the child.

  • What did they do all day Talk to him about it, and listen to him children are very happy.

  • Do not make the child angry, but when he does something wrong then he should explain it lovingly.