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The point is to warn of these serious diseases.
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Many people are adamant that they repeatedly torture. They even poke before and after dinner. When we swallow the air, in the same way he also comes out, which we call dakar. It is a natural way to get out of the stomach, and if the air does not get out of the stomach, it can lead to many problems related to stomach, such as sharp pain in the stomach etc. If Dakar comes, then they may also be a sign of some diseases. Know how much more drugged you can be victims of serious illness ...

The effect of stress or any major emotional change also affects our stomach. It has also been found in many studies that in about 65 percent cases, accelerated and major changes in mood or stress increases due to excessive deterioration.

50 percent of people have constipation problem. When this problem occurs, include the fiber in the appropriate amount in the food and also eat asbigol. Apart from this, due to bad dehydration, which we call dysfunction, there is a problem of excessive deterioration. In such cases, there may be pain in the stomach with the appearance of dakar.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD or chest too often causes excessive irritation due to burning sensation. In this disease, intestinal irritation begins to form and the acid begins to form in the diet tube. In this, there is a need to make many positive and healthy changes in catering and lifestyle.