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Story-ray of darkness (Short Story-Andhkar Ki Kiran) | short story
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 Short Story- Andhkar Ki Kiran

Who knows the future, but due to the adversity of the adolescent, he often did not want to be a mother, but the father also had to scold. Parents were watching the future and they were the adolescents divsent, filled with dreams-dreams-dreams Unreal, it was not the same between those dreams. Every boy king, every girl queen I wish that the childhood stayed at that place.

As soon as the tanga turned towards the turn of the street, the heart of Satya began to sit. It was not that he had come to this city for the first time. Here, the days of his childhood to adolescents were spent laughing. He and Meera saw the most pleasurable pleasures of life here. He was such an age when he could not distinguish truth and fiction. All the fantasies seemed golden and true to him. Merry and she used to spend hours, but she never had any smell of despair. Who knows the future, but due to the adolescent's unsteadiness, he often did not want to be a mother, but the father also had to scold. Parents were watching the future and they were the adolescents divsent, filled with dreams-dreams-dreams Unreal, it was not the same between those dreams. Every boy king, every girl queen I wish that the childhood stayed at that place.

When childhood has not been able to get rid of the faintest paths of life. At every turn of life, he stands.

How small was his house and how big of dreams There was no sin to see big dreams in small houses.

The tangled again asked, "Where is the sister to go?"

"Let's move forward."

The winter sun started at 4:30 pm Was blurred. Small town, far away from the crowd, a few people were seen walking in the colony's lane. Listening to the tense horse's clutches, some people were seen going out and going out of the house. Satya's eyes were fixed on the number of houses and the mind was running at the speed of lightning.

"Merry has heard, Dad is about to be transferred."

"Yeah .... No, it can not be. "Meera was completely stabbing. Satya's father's transfer means that even Saheli Satya is gone. He is here for this reason that his father is a bank officer here. They have stayed here for the last seven years. Meera's father's business is here. The houses of both the ladies were near. They could easily travel to each other's house at any time. Due to their reading in the same school, their friendship became even deeper. There was no distraction in the friendship between Meera and Satya. They also run to show each other the smallest thing. Wearing, book-copy, books like one, uniform clothes, similar books and food together, one-of-a-kind fashions, similar fashion.

The streams that were carried away in that stream were big stones The father was replaced with a replacement, both the sisters-Satya and Meera. Both of the studies have been completed. Then there were weddings. Invitations to each other's home wedding were invited. There was no one could go. Only the letters of good wishes were sent.

Meera was surprised to see a very simple invitation letter from Satya to eight days after her marriage. Satya's marriage to Sahil? Sahil was a boy reading with truth. In the continuous correspondence, the two friends were fully aware of each other. Sahil's mention was that Satya had done in many papers, but the matter would go on till now, the notion was not him. Meera also got some anger on this matter- The child of truth has hidden me such a big thing.

When Mira wrote a letter full of anger and rejection to her friend, her petty reply came with prayer- [19659005] Read also: First Affair- Signature-hot-gallery

The reason for hiding the fact of marriage with Satya, Sahil was that the family of both of us were for this marriage Were persuaded, but the community of both did not belong to this relationship. Ikar pie. On the second day of marriage, a crowd of people attacked our house. My parents drove us out of the past. We ran off the train and stayed there for another month with another friend. Then the other relative stayed here Meanwhile, it was arranged to go to London. The next story will be told to you by my father.

My attraction towards Sahil was that, but the father had taken the promise that unless you marry me, you will not say this to your mother. And the mother was told when we both returned home after getting married in court. I am the master of my father's courage, generosity and love. They also feared the band's clutches, the same happened. The people did not break the house and broke the hands and feet of the father. They stayed on bed for six months. Some good psychologists saved them.

Before we left for London, I started having pain in my stomach. I could not endure such a heavy pain. The first maternal pain was raised in the seventh month and the son was born. The child born so weak, divmaturely, was kept in hospital for twenty days. Then got eight days on mother's milk. We had to go to London It was also difficult to handle such a small weak child. So far we were living in secret from the eyes of the society. I could not go to the father or father-in-law's house. There were frequent threatening letters in both houses that whenever the boy or girl would appear in the house, we would not leave them alive. This passion of the contractors of religion was also destroying two families along with two lovers.

For the protection of both the children, the wise families first kept hidden in the country for eight months, then arranged to send them abroad. . They thought that a few years would go away from here, by then the anger of the people would be silent. But now the child of three weeks was a problem. There was also no permission to carry such a small weak child to the plane. Some friends suggested, give the child to a child. Both I and Sahil did not agree on this. I was crying and crying.

"Papa, I do not want to flee. I will face them, who are bent on ruining us. "

" Daughter, how can I explain to you There is no intelligence of crowd and anger. Conscience does not happen. "

" Father give us a chance to face them. "

" How can I take such a challenge by losing my legs to my daughter? " I can not burn the light of my eyes in the fire. "

The father of Sahil and Satya used to save people's eyesight. They plan to keep their children safe from day to day. The heavy ironic was that those who were supposed to fight, they were hugging and fighting, those who had nothing to do with them.

Between the house and outside fire, that little child was transported to Mira's house overnight I went. It was astonishing to see Mira's house when she came to the dark about the mother and father of Satya from a vehicle that ran from midnight.

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She accepted the baby to rescue her beloved friend's friend from this crisis. At that time he had a daughter of his own two years. He did not forget the child, not only with his own milk, but also in his kelkarias, he forgot that it is not the mother giving birth. And one day it came, when he had to give the name of his parents. His mother and father were grateful to him. In the registers of the school's college, the father was the husband of Mira. Considering all the situation, Mary's husband worked very intelligently. He met Satya only with his wife Meera. Introducing Truth for Meera was not an introduction to only a friend. That introduction was an introduction to his life and soul. From the introduction description of Mira, she began to honor Satya by creating a picture of truth. He also loved and respected his whole heart. He never considered his talk to be fathom or nonsense. This was the reason that he accepted the only twenty days of his wife's friend with him. The storm lasted for one year calm down and life started moving smoothly. Now Mira had come to live in her father's city.

Jalaj grew bigger As well as reading, he has always been ahead in sports. The speed of time is very fast Satya and her husband have been trying to regain their feet for eight years in a foreign country. Here, Meera's husband moved away from Arunachal Pradesh. Son Jalaj continued to move forward, but the relationship between the two parents broke. Both of the friends were reluctant to know each other's well-being, but they did not know the address of each other for years. On the other hand, the parents of Satya also did not survive. Here the parents of Meera also left the world. The era changed. The history of parents was now repeating the son-daughter. Like the daughter whom she liked, Merry married her happily without any dispute.

One day when the son also stood in front of a girl of her choice in front of these royal parents, then Mira would fall into some confusion Gone. He wanted to know the truth and make him aware of this auspicious information. The son's anxiety was increasing. The mother was not accepting her choice soon.

"What is evil in the mother Nine Nine?"

"Evil is nothing but son. What is wrong in thinking for a few days? "

" And how many days will you think Mommy? "

" The son who has to bring his home, must have patience patiently thinking about it. "

How much time do you want? "

" Much is getting restless-hot-gallery "Mira said laughing.

A happy, satisfying mind of Merry was experiencing a heavy impatience under many layers. Well it was not a new generation. For the past twenty two years, a fire in a corner of the mind wanted to come up here today. Now every moment she thought how to tell the truth to Jalaj? I can tell or not. If you can get the truth, then consult him. Now what will happen when he wants to see his son? How will I tolerate? And will burn? Will he easily accept?

Seeing the Namaz at the gate of a house, the copper stopped. "This number is no sister?" Tanghe said, so Satya stunned, "Yes-yes, this." His heart was beating at a fast pace. Walking through slow steps, he reached the gate. Mira has changed a lot to the house. In this beautiful house he was looking for the old age of father's time. He touches the brick wall of the bricks, he peeping from the courtyard behind the mango, along with the courtyard, the moving raw groove and lying in the verandah. Meera has changed both home and era. He rang the bell on the gate. A young man came and opened the door. In the moment, he bowed at the feet of the truth and picked up the luggage and went inside. Satya could not even fill his entire form in the eyes. Mira was standing in front of paying the money to Tanghee. In the verandah of the house, the scene of Bharata-Milo has become divsent. The earth began to dampen with both tears. The son was surprised to see this scene from Jalaj's window that both the friends are getting holes instead of meeting with 'Hello Hi'. Yes mother had told, perhaps the old method of getting this was the same. But the aunt has been abroad for years? There are some people who do not leave their old way. What should be done. But it does not look good to see mom crying. Yes- when he came from the hostel, when the mother's hug seemed to fill the eyes of her mother. The women are passionate.

They both sat down in the drying room and were busy watching Jungle Cricket match. The eyes of Satya were stuck on the pictures of the youth engaged in the drawing room. How many eyes are there from him? When the eyes of both the friends collide, there is a lot of silence. The eyes of tea drinking and drinking tea were repeatedly ticking on those pictures, and the eyes of Merry were dashing.

"Son, Jalaj Come. Drink tea with aunt. "

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Listen to 'aunt' for yourself Once upon a time the shaky trembling began. Then started trying to talk to him calmly. Look at the burning sensation sitting in front of him, stopping his life, and tears of softness. Meera understood the critical situation and sent Jalaj to any excuse. Javanese was unable to understand this emotional struggle of two women. Yet she was not such a child. Something serious is it, he understood it. Satya was also unable to talk to Jalaj.

How many things were written in the mind, yet both of the friends were cutting their time in upper matters. All three meals ate with dinner Due to being tired, the truth quickly went to sleep High waves rising in the mind were divventing her from going to sleep. She was looking forward to sitting near Jalaj and looking after him. Interman asked, 'Will Jalaj agree to go with me?' Even when he will know the truth, will he respect his mother's mother even after this? She swallowed a sleeping pill.

Meera sitting there was sitting near the son.

"Mama ... are you feeling upset now?"

"If not, son. Just a little tired. "

" No, Mama is something. Daddy is missing? "

Mira smiled," Who has gone too far, tomorrow or day will come? "

" What's the matter now, mummy? "

" I think If you send me to London, then how will I live alone? "

Juggle swung to the neck of Mother saying," I will not go anywhere. "

Mother kissed the son's forehead. "Good son, now go to sleep. I will sleep too. "

Satya remained four days near Meera. Both of the friends remained in tension, roaming, roaming, eating and drinking. None of the two got the courage to make the son aware of the truth. However, it was decided in both of the times that when both of us will be in front, the son will also be able to get acquainted with the truth.

Seeing the affair of Merry and Jalaj, Satya's mind is to hurt the truth. Not done. If at that time did not accept the twenty-day boy, then ...?

Satya made divparations to go the next day. When Mira saw, she came closer to the truth. सत्या ने मीरा के कंधे पर सिर टिका दिया और रो पड़ी.

मीरा की आंखें भी बरस पड़ीं.

“मीरा, मैं तुम्हारी कोख सूनी करने का साहस नहीं कर सकती.”

“यह क्या कह रही हो सत्या? कोख तुम्हारी सूनी हुई है.”

“कोख मेरी थी, पर उसकी रौनक तुम्हारे घर में समाई है. अब उसे सूनापन देना अन्याय होगा. तुम्हारे तप की मैं तुम्हें सज़ा नहीं दे सकती.”

मीरा का मन हुआ, सहेली के पैर पकड़ ले.

पूर्व में प्रभात की किरणें फूट रही थीं और बेटा जलज ‘मौसी मां’ को छोड़ने स्टेशन जा रहा था. दो दिन से वह अपनी मम्मी के कहने पर

सत्या को इसी सम्बोधन से बुला रहा था.

– उर्मि कृष्ण

अधिक शॉर्ट स्टोरीज के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें – SHORT STORIES





कहानी- अंधकार की किरण (Short Story- Andhkar Ki Kiran)

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कहानी- अंधकार की किरण (Short Story- Andhkar Ki Kiran)


भविष्य की तो कौन जानता है, पर किशोरवय की चंचलता के कारण उन्हें कई बार मां की ही नहीं, पिता ी भी डांट खानी पड़ती. मां-पिता भविष्य देखते थे और वे किशोरियां वर्तमान, जिसमें भरे होते सपने-ही-सपने. असत्य तो उन सपनों के बीच समाता ही न था. हर लड़का राजा, हर लड़की रानी. काश कि बचपन वहीं ठहर जाता.


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