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Story- Do not Do It (Short Story- Aise Na Karo Ruswa)
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 Short Story- Aise Na Karo Ruswa

"Wonder? ... Do you act so well? That too when you talk about the evening and the entire college. "He could not stop the satire from his mouth.

" I do not care about people, but you do not want me to do this. I had supported Sandhya because he was in trouble. The rest of the charges, the people who are putting it on me, are wrong. "

There were six voices in the evening. The fast-moving train was moving towards its goal momentarily. At the same time, the current and mind of Achala was going to be retreating in past corridors. The mechanism of repetitive memories in any corner of the mind has become unbearable. He began to try to put his mind in the journal. But there were memories, those who were convinced of the mind He observed the bins with the sketchy eyes.

Three girls of about 17-18 years were busy in the front berths. He was talking about his misfortune and even small things that he had all the students laughing.

Suddenly, the magazine slipped out of his hands and went to the feet of a girl. With great decency, the girl picked up the magazine and caught Achala. "What is your name?" Achala asked affectionately.

"My name is Archana and it is my daughters Supriya and Sonali. We are the first-four students of a Delhi-based college. Patna is going to his / her home during the holidays. You too ...? "

" Yes, I am going to Patna, but after that I have to go to Muzaffarpur. "

He kept chatting with the girls for a long time. Tired girls went to bed only after eating food, but Achala had no sleep in her eyes. Once again he started wandering in corridors of the past. No matter how many stone hearts the woman is, she does not forget her first love. Perhaps this was the reason that he did not want to be remembered by priceless memories repeatedly torturing him.

Because of the suspicion that he came in jeopardy, his love was stabbed, even after fifteen years passed, Life was stabbed by your thinking? Probably not.

He could never forget that moment, when the face of priceless face fell upon hearing the charges imposed by him, but there was no sense of cheating on his face. That was just a strange feeling and a sense of humiliation. Perhaps he did not believe that such serious allegations could be made even on that, that too by Achala He tried very hard to explain Achala, but he did not do one in front of Achala.

The whole fifteen years passed. What did Achala not find in these years? All the facilities including good job If not, then the purpose of life and peace of life is not found. To change the decision of not marrying her, the parents explained her very much. But eventually both of them bowed before his stubbornness. There were weddings of three brothers one by one and soon all of them got into their own world.

For the pain of not marrying her, she first got married, then the father could not survive for too long. Achalya's life was completely deserted. Sometimes his family becomes unhappy with his family and unhappy life. Regardless of what the brain argued, but his heart said he had axed himself on his feet.

Achala still remembers, when his first meeting took place two years with his senior priceless. He was his opponent in college debate. As much as the priceless of the long stature, Sudarshan was, as was the merchant too. Due to its mild, calm and accommodating nature, it was quite popular throughout the college.

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On the day of debate, he was standing in front of priceless, with great confidence at certain times. As soon as the debate started, both of them were keeping their side in front of each other. Both arguments were telling that they are powerful speakers of a given subject. Even then in a while, Achala's head began to fall heavily. His words were divsenting his side with vibrancy like a story, which was not only the audience, but also the opponent was being dislodged. Achala won that day, but Anmol lost his heart.

Since that day Achal became the character of praise in the eyes of everyone. With gradual increasing visits, Achala-Anmol came very close to each other.

At the same time, the BA in the hostel. A student of second year, she became a room partner of Sandhya Achala. In Shabnam, freshness was like a rose petals, her beauty was unique. The evening was as beautiful, the same gentle and straightforward. Always ready to help others. He also took up several small tasks of Achalya without discrimination. Within a few days, there was a love between two brothers and sisters. Achala thinks that God has fulfilled the shortage of younger sister in her life. Whenever there was a discussion of priceless, he would often fall, "Hi Rama-hot-gallery How many handsomes are your silence? Hopefully-hot-gallery If I had looked at you before, I would surely have been blown away. "

Achala loved her with scolding.

" Quietly puffy ... what awaited it. See, one day you will get more handsome husbands than you value. "

" Where is my such fate? So far, life has deceived me at every turn. "A sigh came out of his throat.

While flying, the wings flew. The exams are close Achala was busy with all the fun and divparations for the exam. Now his focus remained on the evening.

Examinations started on time. One day, after returning to the Achala exam, he said from evening to evening, Some accounts and drink, the next paper is just a week after all. "

" Not given ... Not today, I am not feeling well. "

His faint laugh, sad face and slow voice surprised Achala Given, "What is the evening? Why are you looking so sick? "

Seeing the sympathy of Achala, the eyes of Sandhya were filled up, which saw Achala's liver beating with an unknowable apdivhension. Then, wiping your tears, laughing and saying, "There is no such serious thing for which I should bother you. On the day you end your exams, there will be a trunk of things stored in your heart for two months. "

He assured again with the assurance of the evening that he was ready for his examination again. On the day that Achala returned from the last paper, she came to know that the parents of the evening came and took her. It was also distressing for him to go out of the evening without meeting him.

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She was going to make that Sunanda in the room next to her had come. Sitting quietly in the face of Sunanda's face were raising the curiosity of Achala, "What is Sunanda? Do you want to tell me something? "

" Yes, you have understood right. I have been telling you something about Sandhya for the past several days, but your examination was going on, so silent. Anyway you love the evening so much that it was difficult for me to tell something about it. How do you know how to react? "

Then stopped a little and said," You probably did not know that Sandhya was going to be a mother. She went to the doctor for abortion, taking that priceless with her. Doctor Anuradha is my cousin, where I saw these two. From Anuradha, I got all the information. These days, where was the prick of the sticking with divcious divcious stones? What are the people talking about in the entire college? "

Suranjit was surprised by the wonders, shame, and deep affection from Sunanda's words. As soon as Sunanda went to her house, she fell down on her bed. All his body was numb like. So far, the trust on priceless was started scattering. Nevertheless, the courage to go unutilized was given to meet. On the way priceless she got it. He said, "It is good that you got me, I was coming to meet you. I have to make a very important point to you, as well as give a message for the evening. "

" Wondering ... how do you act so well? That too when you talk about the evening and the whole college. "I could not stop the satire coming out of my mouth.

" I do not care about people, but you do not want me to do this. I had supported Sandhya because he was in trouble. The rest of the charges, the people who are putting me on me, are wrong. "

Atalaya, agitated with anger, was overwhelmed on priceless," I could not even imagine that one aspect of your personality has dropped so much. Sandhya was like my younger sister. How did you make such a big deal with both of us? "

" Achala ... you are misinterdivting me. First listen to my whole story, then decide who comes into your heart. "But where was the stopping to listen to the priceless things.

Priceless calls to him, however Achala did not even look at him. Achala came to Muzaffarpur on the second day after the harsh decision to sacrifice priceless in mind. From then on, he broke all his contacts with priceless. Neither did he receive any phone call, nor did he make a call. He did the same with evening.

Achala soon came to Delhi to start his new life. Gradually he got involved in giving new direction to all his pain, pain and creations. After a few days of hard work, he succeeded in getting the rank of Income Tax Officer, with which he had changed all his life. The engagement of the work made it easier to forget the deception in the past.

Achala's elder brother Amit was working in a college in Muzaffarpur nowadays. On repeated request of brother-in-law, he was going to Muzaffarpur after a long time. He did not even inform his arrival in the affair of giving surprise to both.

Then the train stopped with a hitchhole. It was revealed that no further train derailed. Slowly going on the night of the train, it was not possible to reach Patna before nine o'clock.

Knowing how to exdivss his mind and nervousness, Archana said, "Aunt, do not worry about you. Tonight in Patna, you will stop at my house and will catch the bus for Muzaffarpur in the morning. "

She was in a state of confusion. Archana's father came to the station to pick him up at the station. When Archana got information about Achalya, with great respect, he urged Achala to stay at his house, he could not avoided.

When he got fresh, he reached the table, then the people of the house waited for him only. Were there. He was waiting along with a surprise that, when the land was under his feet, he slipped away. If you did not move the corner of the dining table further, maybe it would have fallen. Was sitting priceless on the front chair. While sitting in his hand, Archana got involved with all the members of the house and turned to Anmol. "This is my smallest uncle, priceless. In a corporation here, M.D. "

Seeing a miraculous glimpse of both of them, Archana said," Do you know each other beforehand? "

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"Offors know. This is my class match. I am thankful to you that you have brought me to Achalya. "

Achala started trying to eat quietly, but not even a single moth was descending under her throat. Somehow, after eating some food, according to Archana, sleeping in the room came, and also came back priceless. After sitting in the chair near the chair, he said, "After so many years have passed, I do not want to give you any clarity, nor have any need of it. Just a letter from your name till today, I got it, which I wanted to hand over to you. But because of the growing hatred for you in your mind, I have never tried to meet you. Incidentally, today you have got it, then you are giving this letter to me. "

After finishing his talk, Anmol took a letter from the pocket and caught Achala. Seeing the evening letter, Achala's entire body was raised. She shook hands with trembling hands -

Didi Namaskar,

I do not know what kind of virtue I had done, which you received as a loving sister. What happened with the same person did a sin, who loved Raghav like a boy? When I was a mother, at the same time she got the chance to go to America. I cried so much in front of him that he went to America after marrying me, but he did not believe and went away.

I was in grave danger. Your exam was going on The other was no one to help, so I shared all the pain with Anmolji. They got involved in helping me with their life. We both used to revolve around many doctors. Before he knew abortion, before going to know how the Warden sent my notice to my home to be bad, he sent me home. Forcibly my parents are taking me home. When your exams are over, the letter of merit will be given to you. How would you even come here and take me, or else my stepmother will do me a lot of misery, I do not even know myself. Please, save me from this crisis. In your waiting ...

Your younger sister,


After reading the letter, the stunned Achala only could say, "Now where is the evening?"

"After fifteen days of leaving your hostel, she committed suicide . With this I became disillusioned with you and your love. Evening was like my younger sister, I saved a lot of bad name to save her, yet she could not save. Hopefully-hot-gallery You would have trusted me a little bit. संध्या के जाने के बाद मुझे तुमसे इतनी नफ़रत हो गई कि मैंने सारी ज़िंदगी शादी न करने का फैसला कर लिया.”

अनमोल की बातें समाप्त होते-होते, अचला का मन हाहाकार कर उठा. बरसों से मन में दबी पीड़ा आंसुओं का सैलाब बन आंखों से उमड़ पड़ी. वह फूट-फूटकर रोती रही. थोड़ी संभली तो बोली, “कितनी तड़पी होगी संध्या मेरे इंतज़ार में. कितनी मजबूरी और निराशा में उसने इस दुनिया का मोह छोड़, मौत को गले लगाया होगा. मैं मरकर भी उसके प्यार का कर्ज़ नहीं चुका सकती. हे भगवान-hot-gallery मैं क्या करूं? मेरी ग़लती माफ़ी के लायक ही नहीं है.”

पश्‍चाताप की आग में झुलसती अचला का बुरा हाल देख अनमोल से चुप नहीं रहा गया.

“ख़ुद को संभालो अचला. मैं शायद तुम्हें कभी माफ़ न करता, लेकिन अपनी ग़लती के पश्‍चाताप में तुम्हें टूटकर बिखरते देख मुझे लगने लगा है कि यदि आज मैंने तुम्हें माफ़ नहीं किया, तो शायद इतिहास ख़ुद को दोहरा देगा.”

अचला के सब्र का बांध भी टूट चुका था. वह अचानक उठकर अनमोल की बांहों में समा गई. अनमोल भी अपने आंसुओं को रोक न सका.

Rita kumari

       रीता कुमारी

अधिक शॉर्ट स्टोरीज के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें – SHORT STORIES





कहानी- ऐेसे ना करो रुसवा (Short Story- Aise Na Karo Ruswa)

Article Name

कहानी- ऐेसे ना करो रुसवा (Short Story- Aise Na Karo Ruswa)


“आश्‍चर्य है?... तुम इतना अच्छा अभिनय कर लेते हो? वह भी तब जब तुम्हारे और संध्या के बारे में पूरे कॉलेज में चर्चा है.” अपने मुंह से निकले व्यंग्य को वह रोक न सकी.
“लोगों की मुझे परवाह नहीं, पर तुम तो मुझे ऐेसे रुसवा मत करो. मैंने संध्या का साथ दिया था, क्योंकि वह मुसीबत में थी. बाकी के सारे आरोप, जो लोग मुझ पर लगा रहे हैं, ग़लत हैं.”


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