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Some of these 5 hides hide from your partner
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Men do not speak openly on serious issues. Because of this, you may think many times that they are hiding something but it is not so. Men do not talk quickly about every sensitive issue like women. This also causes relationships to be bad at times. Men should talk openly so that relationships are good ....

1. Many times men watch beautiful girls while they are with them. Do not do this deliberately, but sometimes the neck bends before the brain works later. In such a situation, he was looking at someone else, always try to hide it.

2. Many times, if you get involved in any of the two dresses to get into the party, do not tie your spouse, but decide on your own or ask a lady. That's because you do not get the right opinion. Actually, they will look like the same in both dresses, but still under poor divssure will say that this one is better or better.

3. The brains of men have developed in some way that they can not do many things together. One can do the same thing at a time. Women can share things with you while relaxing, but it is not just about men.

4. Men never want that people earn less that they do not earn or do not earn at all. Many secrets hide your job, but this is not always the case. His wife shares many secrets with this girlfriend.

5. Even if the men do not accept the fact that they do not have any irritation. This is done only by women. This is not true, men also feel bad when you see them talking with a better looking man or more than their old lover. Although this may not be disclosed, but they are jealous.