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Since when is Savan and what is the importance of it? What In India | Timesok.com


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Since when is Savan and what is the importance of it? What In India
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Sawan 2018 Calendar: The month of Shravan, which is called the Saawn month in common language, is one of the holy months of Hindu religion. Hinduism has a lot of importance in this month because in this month Lord Shiva is worshiped and devotees fast fast even to receive their blessings.

According to the Hindu calendar, this month comes in the month of July-August. is. Sawn's Monday has a special significance this month. It is believed that in this month worshiping Lord Shiva with complete reverence gives benefits in life.

In the month of Saawan, besides the vow of Monday, Belpatra also has special significance. On Monday, the person who blesses Bholenath with Bellet and water, blesses him with the Lord. During the month of Savan, thousands of pilgrims go to many religious places like Haridwar, Devghar, Ujjain, Nasik, etc. for the philosophy of great jyotirlingas.

Nature is related to Savan:

As with religious significance, There is also a special relationship with the nature. Because the rainy season starts in this month, so that the whole earth swings the greenery. After the fierce heat, the first rain of the rainy season works to relieve everyone, apart from this, many other festivals are celebrated in the month of Sawan.

The importance of fasting in Sawan (Sawan Vrat):

In the month only, the importance of fasting is not only on Sawan's Monday. In the month of Savan, with the fasting on Monday, Sawana's Shivratri and 16th Monday's fast also have significance. The commencement of the fasting Monday 16th of this month is started. Apart from this, the Pradosha fast of Savan is also considered to be a special significance, because this fast is also kept for Lord Shiva.

Shravan's Kavad yatra:

This journey is considered as a direct contact with Shiva is. It is said that whatever the devotee completes the cave journey of Bholenath with complete reverence, all his sins are destroyed. In Kawud Yatra, devotees visit Shivnagiri, Haridwar and Gangotri Dham in Uttarkhand and from there they bring the Ganges water on foot, cycle, bike, auto or any other way to the Shiva temple filled with water and Shiva ji with water. . This journey is done once a year in which both men and women participate. The devotees who take the cows are called blacksmiths.

Raksha Bandhan (Raksha Bandhan 2018):

Ravan Bandh will be celebrated on August 26, 2018, in the full moon of Saawan. This is the last day of the Savan month which is happening on Sunday.

Savan 2018 - Sawan Calendar 2018

In 2018, the month of Savan is starting on July 28, Saturdays. Which will end on August 26, Sunday. The Savannah calendar of 2018 is as follows -

This calendar is for Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. There may be a difference in the date for other states.

The date The day Feast
28 July 2018 Saturday The beginning of the Sawan Mass, the first day of the Sawan month
July 30 2018 Monday
First Savannah on Monday
06 August 2018 Monday Savan Monday's fast
11 August 2018 Saturday Greening Amavasya
August 13, 2018 [19659019] Monday Savan on Monday, the fast and the greenery tee
20 August 2018 Monday Savannah sleep Mawar vrat
August 26, 2018 Sunday Last day of Savan