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Shahnaz Hussein's beauty tips for the bride-hot-gallery
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Shahnaz Husain Beauty Tips: The wedding day is the biggest day of every girl's life. On this day he considers himself as a princess, whom his prince arrives at the mare. Therefore, every girl wants to look beautiful and irrespective of her marriage. And even if it is not at all, the eyes of every person coming to the wedding on this day is only on the bride.

For this day, girls spend thousands of rupees on themselves so that they can look beautiful on the wedding day. Which is quite good but when it comes to beauty overalls, it is not good to resort to make-up.

With the help of make-up, you will look good on your face and neck, but what about the rest of the parts? For that, you have to do something. If your marriage is going to take place in a few days then start using Shahnaz Hussein's Bridal Beauty Tips. With the help of these, your face will start glowing from the inside, which will also enhance the make-up.

In addition to tips, also keep these things in mind:

Use all the tips given below to start from you 1 month ago. If you have to start then good results will come. Due to the rush of marriage, girls often fail to pay attention to their health and eating habits, which results in fatigue and stress on the face. Apart from this, taking tension before marriage can lead to acne and stains, etc., which can reduce the face glow. So do not take tension. Apart from this, there are some measures that can help to get better acceleration and glowing skin on the wedding day.

Beauty tips from Shahnaz Hussain for the bride before the wedding:

Here we tell you some bridal beauty tips from Shahnaz Hussein With whom you can get better skin on your wedding day.

1. Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing:

This is a beauty process in which facial pores are cleaned so that the face's real glow is visible. Skin pores open in the cleaning and are cleaned well. This helps in bringing the glow on the face after finishing cream in the skin. After that, the skin of the skin is made according to the good and the skin type, so that the skin can be softened.

After that toner, those pores are closed so that the dirt can not be back in the face. It can be used before bedtime at night. Honey and lemon can also be used together for cleaning the face.

2. Massage:

Massage is also very necessary to make facial face retractive and soft. For this, a good quality cream should be used. There is no eriteration or side-effect on the face. While mixing, keep adding water drops in between. Massage for 2 minutes and then wipe the face with wet cloth.

3. A mixture of aloe vera and honey:

Honey is very beneficial to make the skin soft, while aloe vera helps to clean the skin. For this, mix both together in equal amounts and mix them on your face. Keep for 20 minutes and wash after that. Keep using this method for a month.

4. To remove wrinkles:

At the time of marriage, there is a lot of blackness and fatigue surrounding the eyes which is clearly visible. To remove this, you also have to take care of this part of the skin. For this, massage the surrounding area of ​​any oil with any oil for 2 minutes. You can also use under-eye cream for it.

5. For toning:

This skin is used to turn back the pores and the skin to maintain moisture. To use it, soak roti in water and wipe your face. After that, wipe the face. Put almond oil on the face.

6. For lipes:

With other parts of the face you need to pay attention to the most important part of your face i.e. lips. For this you can use almond oil or some other natural oil . This will make your lips soft and soft.

7. Mental tension:

Boy or girl gets mentally tension at the time of marriage. But when this tension starts to cause spots, dark circles and wrinkles on the face, you should avoid it. Because this tension will not only make the face bad, but also reduce your glow, so stay away from tension. Do a daily walk, jogging, exercise and yoga etc. This will not only make your body healthy, but will also shine on your face.

So it was some ridiculous tips that you can look beautiful on the wedding day. With the help of these tips, there will be different shine and glow on your face, which will attract people's attention to you.