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Reduce libido 5+ diet (Foods that Kill Your Sex Drive)
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Foster relationships between husband and wife are very important in maintaining romantic feelings of love in marital relationships, but due to modern lifestyle and eating disorders most married people have a negative effect on the sex life is. Although there are many foods that help men to increase libido, in contrast there are some diets that are responsible for reducing their libido. Let's know that such a diet, which can reduce the libido of men.

 Sex Drive

Alcohol and Cigarette
During consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and cigarettes during sex Your excitement may decrease. Not only this, alcohol and cigarette addiction can also make you impotent. In many studies, it has also been found that there is a low level of testosterone hormone in men who drink more alcohol and cigarettes, which have negative effects on their sex life.

Oily things and fastfood
In this modern period, the practice of eating fast food and oily items has become a fashion. Even if things like pizza, burgers and french fries look good, but they are not exactly right for health. Such foods increase the amount of fat in the body and you are not physically active, which also affects your sex life. There is a lot of transfact in fried things which affects testosterone hormones in men.

Soya product


Soya according to a study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Taking excessive amounts of milk, tofu and soy sauce reduces testosterone hormone levels in men. According to this study, people who have 120 mg daily Soya consumes the product, there is a decrease in this hormone. Along with this, it also reduces the men's sperm count, which reduces libido.

Green soybeans
In addition to soy products Green soybean can also harm the sex life. Although it is also considered a good substitute for protein for vegetarians, but photo estrogen found in it works to make changes in men's sex hormones. Therefore, men should not consume excessive amounts because they may be responsible for reducing their sex drive.

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Red Meat
Red meat is considered to be very beneficial for people who sweat heavily to make mussels. There are plenty of protein and zinc in it, but consuming it in excessive amounts is not suitable for health. High intake of red meat unbalances the levels of testosterone hormone in men, which affects the quality of the skin and reduces libido.

Most people start the day with hot cups of coffee. Apart from this, coffee is also consumed to refresh the mood and to ease fatigue, but consuming more quantity of coffee can reduce your sex potential. Coffee has high caffeine content, which causes stress hormones in the body in the form of cortisol. Additionally, by producing hormonal imbalance, it can interfere with your romantic nights.

In most Indian homes, summer chutney is consumed in the summer season. On the one hand, where it helps to increase the taste of food, on the other hand, mint is also a herb which can reduce men's libido. This is the reason why many saints and saints associated with the world of yoga and spirituality chew mint water day and night so that the feeling of work in their mind can not be awakened, but it should be consumed only in small quantities for a happy married life. [19659005] However, if you do not want to jeopardize your sex life, minimize the intake of these foods and include nutritious food items in your diet that will allow your sex drive

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 Reduces Libido 5+ Diet (Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

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In the marital relationships, husband and wife to maintain romantic feelings of love Physical relationships are of great importance, but modern lifestyle and cuisine Due to the large facing Nkharatmk effect on most married people have sex life (Sex Life).


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