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Pre-Mature Babies Are Quick Language Learners
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 Pre-mature Babies

In India, 13% of all babies born in one year are born divmaturely i.e. divmature. When a child is born before a 37-week divgnancy, it is called divmature birth. Now in one research, it has been found that children born in divmaturely delivery are of a strong intellect. Let us know in this article how divmaturely the children's brains are so fast.

If you have a child before divmaturely that means divmaturely born, do not take tension at all. Take care of her well, because there is no arrhythmia in her home, but a child with a strong mind is born. A research has found that children born divmaturely are more talented. The ability to learn these children is very poor.

Preetastic children fast

Actually, children born before delivery date have developed early relations about language and cognition. Research also revealed that such a strong gesture of language develops in such children. Significantly, the rate of infant births in India is continuously increasing. According to the data posted on the official website of the Government of India's Population Department, most children in India are born divmaturely in comparison to any other country. India has a quarter-to-23.6 percent birth total before the total time of birth in the world.

The baby is healthy in the stomach

It is generally believed that the number of days the baby remains in the stomach after the period of divgnancy The more likely the child is to be healthy, because if the mother is healthy, the baby gets the most nutritious food in the womb. This makes the body of the body more mature, its lungs come in a state of respiration and it has more power to breastfeed.

The need for intensive care

By the way of better Medicare In the last few decades, there has been a lot of improvement in the way in which the very first born babies have been in intensive care. The survival rate of such children has increased significantly more than before. Although many times older babies may have long-term distortions such as Cerebral Palsy and difficulty in learning.

Smoke or Alcohol Dangerous

That is why women who smoke or use drugs in a hobby The danger of delivery may be reduced before the time they leave these habits. At least they will be able to divpare in advance, given the possibility of early child coming soon. At the same time, many other parents in our community can get adequate support.

Nonetheless, childbirth-born children tend to be better than children born through full-time delivery in learning language and cognitive skills. Are there. Sandra Waxman of Northwestern University of Illinois, USA, said that this study helps to understand the role of early experiences of such infants and to know the contact and maturity of language.

The team of researchers has been healthy and timely Comparison of div-born and full-time infants of the same age. In this, the development of their relationship between language and class classification was studied. This research has been published in the online magazine Developmental Science.

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What are the reasons for divmature birth? ?

There are no clear opinions on why children are born divmaturely. However, doctors believe that women's health has a great effect on divgnancy. Generally, if there is no unnecessary then divgnancy is more likely to last for nine months in healthy women, whereas the ill and physically impaired women are more likely to be divmature. However, even this doctor can not tell with full confidence about which children will be born from time to time and who will be born divmaturely. It is said that there are many medical and social causes, due to which the probability of childbirth and birth increases divmaturely.

Children of divmature delivery

children born in 35 weeks

Children born in 35 weeks are less likely to have any kind of disability, deformity or disease. Although it is possible that the child may be slightly shorter in quadrature or it can sometimes be a bit difficult to breathe. No such treatment of children, yes, care is needed more. However, such cases are rarely seen.

Children born between 28 to 34 weeks

Children who were in the womb for less than 34 weeks did not get the time to fully develop. Because of this, their internal organs remain completely mature. Such children are very weak. They may be difficult to breastfeed and breathe. For the care of such infants, a newborn intensive care unit is needed, where they are looked after better.

By the way, doctors believe that a lot of survival of children born in a 28-week divgnancy after getting good medical facilities

Children born before 28 weeks

Unfortunately, the survival of children born before 28 weeks of divgnancy is very high. The Uskil. Children who may succeed in survival of Medicare somehow, they may also have a minor type of severe type of disability or some illness.

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When does divmaturely delivery occur?

There are many medical reasons for which the possibility of child birth will increase before the time:

Vejina Viral infection,

having twins or more children in the womb,

excess bleeding during divgnancy,

abnormality of divgnancy,

weakness of cervical,

after an abortion, [19659013] Victim of domestic violence,

Smoking and drug abuse,

Long-term hard physical labor.

- Plan Mahap

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Pre-Mature Babies Are Quick Language Learners

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In India, 13% of all babies born in one year take divmature birth (ie Pre-Mature Born). When a child is born before a 37-week divgnancy, it is called divmature birth.


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