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Mallika Sherawat reveals herself of her misbehavior | Timesok.com


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Mallika Sherawat reveals herself of her misbehavior
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Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat has always kept her views very vulnerable to keep her identity. Anyway, he is very vocal about the issues related to women these days, and women have their opinions on issues of security and empowerment. The actress Mallika Sherawat, who is shocked by her intimate scene on the big screen, says that this image is a price because all the people, including the director, co-star, thought that they would "compromise" easily. Mallika, who is synonymous with the bold scene on the big screen from the movie 'Murder' in 2004, says that this image gives people an opportunity to comment on their character.

Mallika said in an interview, But there are many charges. If you wear short skirts on the big screen, what do you do then you are considered unethical. "

He further said," I was thrown out of films because the actor used to say, "Why can not you make a relationship with me? If you can do this on the big screen, then what is the problem in doing so in your personal life? So many films went through my hands. It reflects the thinking of society, which women face in our country. "

Tell us that Mallika Sherawat is promoting her web series 'The Story' these days. Mallika Sherawat is born in Hisar of Haryana and her real name is Rima Lamba.