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Know Your Patients Rights
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The matter was a few years ago, after a government hospital examination, doctors told Tara that they had Breast Cancer, for which they would have to make mesectomy immediately. Her husband, who considered doctors to be the second form of God, did not understand the need for second opinion from any other hospital or specialist doctor and gave the doctor permission for more information about him. After the surgery, when the doctors sent breast labels to investigate breast, it was discovered that they did not have breast cancer. The inexplicable Tara not only suffered the pain of surgery, but also suffered mental pain due to his family. At that time, if Tara or her husband had known her rights or she was a little cautious, then she would not have to face it all. This is not the story of any star. Today there are thousands of people in the country who have no knowledge of their rights nor are they taking the initiative in this direction. Suppose doctors try their best by trying their best, but there are some who are defaming this noble profession. In this case, you should be aware of your patients rights, so that you do not have this.

What are your patients rights?

- The patient or his guardian should get complete information about the disease or disease. [19659004] - What side effects of that health problem can be, what effect it will have on your health, your family needs some kind of caution with you, etc.

- Every patient has the right to treat it with full respect


- If there is such a government plan that can help you financially, then the doctor or hospital authorities should inform you about it.

- Treatment or illness during treatment About seconds you can show your reports to another doctor for Opinion. You do not have to hide anything from the doctor for this. You can tell them free of charge that you want to get opinions from some other specialist.

- The diagnosis, treatment and medicines for treatment should be given from time to time. [19659004] - It is the responsibility of the hospital and you have the right to keep the information of all the reports related to your illness to be kept confidential.

- The emergency should be provided to you as soon as possible.

- Your Medical Records You may also be given a photocopy.

- You may also be given information about all the rules and regulations of the hospital, along with all their facilities.

- If you think any sub-standard medicine hospital has given you Her complaint can be made from local food and drugs administration.

- If the doctor wants to use your illness records in any medical conference, then your consent is necessary. If you do not do this, you can accuse him of breaching confidentiality.

- It is important to have a nurse / sester with a doctor while examining any female patient. If it is not and you are feeling uneasy, then you can demand the sester together.

- You have full power that you can get treatment from the current doctor without any treatment, but Doing this in diseases can be dangerous only for you.

- If the doctor advises you for experimental treatment, in which experimental therapies, experimental medicines or a different line of treat If you are involved, you can refuse him.

 Patients Rights

Follow the Doctrine of Duties

- Honestly follow the instructions given by the doctor.

- [19459003Respectdoctorsandallmedicalprofessionals

- Maintain all the reports, bills and documents related to your illness.

- If there is medical insurance, then the necessary things about cashless or refund before treatment Take away.

- If there is any complaint related to treatment, tests or medicines, then talk to your doctor first. You may have misconceptions due to problems in communication somewhere. If this happened due to the negligence of the doctor, then contact the hospital's residental cell.

- Before any legal action, please file your complaint with the hospital management, because the case is easily done at the local level only.

- Before taking any action, once again note that doctors are also human like us.

Place here in medical negligence at Ghahar

Dikl Council

This is a legal entity, which went created to monitor the medical profession. Here you can register a complaint, but you can not get any compensation here. They can cancel the registration of a doctor alone. But this council only takes 2 times a year.

Consumer Court

In this case, this is the fastest and speedy trial court. You can go to the Consumer Court for any kind of complaint in medical profession. Here you will get compensation only. You have to write your complaint on paper with a simple paper, with the amount of compensation you need to pay.

According to the compensation amount you will have to choose a court.

- District Consumer Court: Compensation up to 20 lakhs

- State Commission: 20 million to 1 million

- National Commission: More than 10 million

Civil court

Case file for complaint of medical negligence You can do this, but here already get so many cases. Ding is that your hair can stretch long. If you had any kind of negligence in your treatment, due to which you suffered physical or mental pain, going to a consumer court would be the best decision.

Special exemption to patients in the Railways

- Cancer Patients have to go for treatment or routine checkup, they get 100% concession in sleeper coach and 3 tires AC, while 2 tier AC and first class have up to 50% discount. Attendants with the patient also get a discount of up to 75% in sleeper coach and 3 tires AC, while two tires and first classes both get equal discount.

- If you are a heart patient and for heart surgery If you are going from one city to another,

you get a discount of 50-75% on all the tickets. Your attendant will get the same discount.

- Kidney patients who are traveling for dialysis or kidney transplant surgery, they and their attendants also get a discount of 50-75%.

- Its In addition, patients of tuberculosis, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, non-infestious laprosi and hemophilia get a 50-75% discount in the railway.

- Anita Singh