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If you eat a canned food then read it carefully. | Timesok.com


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If you eat a canned food then read it carefully.
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In today's busy lifestyle, packaged food has become a part of life. But canned food can be extremely dangerous for our health, these few people know. Yes, according to a research done in the USA, the amount of fluorine in paper, rappers, pastry bags, containers, etc. used for fast food packing is high, which makes the person patient. Often experts refuse to eat fast food such as fries, burgers and pizzas found in the market to be healthy, but twice sitting on the order when they are ordered to sleep.

Florinated chemicals known as PFAS or PFC Are harmful to health. They use them to remove stains, non-stick utensils, furniture, carpets, clothing and beauty products. According to researchers from Notre Dame University, 38 percent of sandwiches and burgers wrappers, 56 percent in sweet and bread wrappers, 46 percent in food packing paper, 20 percent in paperboard and 16 percent fluorine in juice, milk etc.

Increased amount of fluorinated chemicals increases cholesterol with kidney and tasticular cancer. Disturbances in thyroid and other hormones affect children's physical development. Increasing the amount of PFAS in the blood during divgnancy increases the risk of miscarriage.