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Humiliation of these four women always keeps poverty | Timesok.com


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Humiliation of these four women always keeps poverty
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According to the fields, men get pleasure from respecting women. Women are considered Lakshmi and usually when a new married person is married, the same idea comes in the minds of both of them and their families; the coming will be the form of Lakshmi, the coming of it will bring happiness and prosperity in the house. . But when people lose their temper and insult these women. So obviously Mother Lakshmi will become angry with them. So let us know that these women should never be insulted in life ....

1. The daughter-in-law is considered a form of Lakshmi. When it comes to our house, it comes in the form of Lakshmi. Because of which it may prove harmful to you.

2. The elder daughter's wife is considered to be like a mother. Whoever does not respect them. So he can never be happy in his life. Therefore, should never insult the mother-in-law mother.

3. Sister should be treated like a mother. The place where your mother is kept. There should be a sister there. If you insulted your sister, then insult your God.

4. Daughters are also considered to be of Lakshmi. Where they are not respected. There is no Lakshmi there and poverty always remains.