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Girls are more likely to be unmarried because of these 7
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Being a bride is the dream of every girl. Every girl wants that the Prince of his dreams take him with him one day, but there has also been a lot of change in the thinking of girls over time. In today's modern times, girls desire to be more immaterial than becoming brides. Today we will tell you why nowadays girls are more likely to be unmarried than marriage ...

1. No matter how much the girls have read, but after the marriage, their study remains intact. Of course, both the home and the office can be managed together, but even after taking both of them, bonds and family are never happy.

2. In today's time, every girl likes to live according to her own life. They do not like it at all that no one talks about repeatedly about them. More beautiful girls than this behavior seems to be unmanned.

3. After marriage, the girl has to be secured by everything from her surname to clothes. Gradually dislike his likes and partner's choice becomes his happiness. In such a situation, the heart of the girls is unearned again.

4. Every girl wants to wear clothes of her choice, but when someone does not stop doing so she does not like it at all. She thinks that if she was unmarried here, she could wear the clothes of her choice.

5. You have to forget even after the marriage that you are older than playing with your children since childhood. You can not share anything with your friends nor go out with them, whose result is Stress.

6. Not just boys but girls also have full rights for privacy after marriage. Whether she wants to go out alone with her husband or not want to share anything of her husband.

7. After marriage, the boys can move freely, but with the girls, the wedding tag is attached. Due to having a tag of marriage, your friends also shy away from talking.