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First Affair: You carelessly ...-hot-gallery (Pahla Affair: Wo Beparwaah Se Tum) | Timesok.com


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First Affair: You carelessly ...-hot-gallery (Pahla Affair: Wo Beparwaah Se Tum)
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 Pahla Affair

First Affair: She Carelessly You ...-hot-gallery (Pahla Affair: Wo Beparwaah Se Tum)

FirstLove realizes that the very first affair of Romance

to awaken the experience of your first affair, very special, today weird Is struggling with the dilemma ... do not understand what to say to you and what to say to him, for some days Manj Anjani is going to get dragged ... I know you are my best friend, good person and the biggest Talk with me All the amenities will be available, that will be respected, which every girl wants ... Then how is this dilemma?

For a few days though, I was being guessed that something is going on in your mind ... they see me steal and steal. Then, after seeing me see that you were not looking at anything ... you were also realizing that your first taste of love has touched you ... that separate attraction towards me ... I understood that ... I was just like that ... I had knocked the first mash in my mind ... maybe that little boy started feeling good ... yes, like you did not solve it or he was responsible Was not there in it, neither maturity, nor the sophistication, which is in you ... but the heartbeat was uncontrollable by looking at him ...

His unimaginative sense, he remained careless ... or he did not Used to talk, not life Iker was so serious ... perhaps his words were attracting me ... and one day he got my eyesight ... my heart was lost there ... he also showed love for me ... and I could not even say ... how can I say, how do I know? Since then, it was waiting for the same thing.

His name was Vikrant. I often told Vikrant that why are so careless, you do not have to become something in life? And he does not say, nothing is to be done, just to love you ... I laughed at his words ...
"But love does not fill the stomach Vikrant ..."
"Even without love, life is useless ... now You have loved me, so accept me like this ... I will always be there forever ... "

Sometimes it seems strange that this boy ... then thought that I liked these things, but I came to the relationship. After i practice Kali was thinking.

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You were my best friend Sagar ... and today you too If you put the thing in front of me, then I will leave you ..., who will you accept? ... you had an attachment, but not love ... I had love with Vikrant, but her unfavorable life ...
Well, thinking that this confusion will soon Should I End ...

"Vikrant, When Will We Marry?"

"When You Are Micro baby ... I do when I am saying ... "

" You're saying, but you do not do any work, not to be serious about your career ... What will you do after the wedding? How can I live? "

" Everything will be done, Divya, you just trust me ... "

" Man, these same things make me restless, if you are serious, do not you take me? "

What do you think Try it ... I can give life ... "

" I have said to the ocean that he loves me ... what do you tell me? "

" What should I tell? What do you think about him? "

" He is a good boy, does not want to hurt him ... "

" Ha, ha, ha ... so say yes ... "you said laughingly neatly ... [19659006] "You are really crazy ... I should not share with you things ..."

"Hey man, misunderstood, he is your friend, you do not even want to hurt him, you know better that he How to tackle ... how to say no ... tomorrow if i tell you that mer If the friend has proposed to me, then what will be your reaction ... you keep yourself in my place ...

I know that you consider me so careless, you think that I am not Serious, but believe me, As long as there is breath, I will love you, I will wait for you ... Until your hand is not able to ask, till then you will not wait for me ... so much will not ...?

I know the world flows It is practical, I am not the one, I just want to live life with you ... does not think much of anything, but this does not mean that I am not worried or I am not serious about my relationship. "

I saw it so seriously ... your eyes were filled ... you may be regardless, but you have the ability to understand the situations better than me, and in your understanding ... that You trust the stem you are over me, sometimes over-the-counter, or you'll stop me unnecessarily ...

Often such occasions also happen, when I have said something wrong to someone, you never gave such a chance that I need to answer someone ... though I am an independent girl, but whenever you protect me, I like it ... when you insist on calling me to live like you children, me It sounds good, whenever you feel emotional even on a small incident that today the mind is very unhappy, you need ... I like it ... it feels good to hear you, tease me everybody, make me angry And then I'm joking about it ...

All the dilemmas of the mind were gone. Love you, then you will live life with you ... even if it is a struggle ... The name of this struggle is the only life and the second name of life is you for me ...

- Geeta Sharma

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 First Affair: He Carelessly You ...-hot-gallery (Pahla Affair: Wo Beparwaah Se Tum)

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First Affair: He Carelessly You ...-hot-gallery First love is realized very specially, to awaken the sense of its first affair (Read: Pahla Affair: Wo Beparwaah Se Tum)

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