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Dulha bride is done before marriage
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Dulha-bride is specially divpared in Indian weddings. In Indian weddings it is custom for the bride and groom to have turmeric which is played throughout the country. It is believed that turmeric protects new pairs from bad forces. Yellow color is a symbol of happiness; therefore, on the occasion of marriage, yellow clothes are also worn, which is auspicious. Apart from this, there are many more reasons to apply turmeric, which you can learn here ...

1. Turmeric also destroys negative energy, and this is why turmeric is used in marriage so that negative energy is avoided.

2. At the time of marriage, every kind of people come in the house, which often leads to negative energy which is not right for the bride. Many times the bride's bride gets worried. If turmeric is involved, then all of them do not affect them.

3. Turmeric is also applied to protect from bad eyesight and after this the groom or bride is not allowed to leave the house.

4. Apart from this turmeric also enhances the color of the face, so the turmeric is applied before the wedding so that the color is clear and the face is shining.

5. The reason for putting turmeric is also that if the bride bride is hurt, then she gets cured. With this, it is wished that the new couple does not face any kind of injury. Therefore, in Indian wedding the bridegroom bride is applied turmeric.