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Do I try again if IVF cycles fail? (Last IVF Failed, Should I Try Again?) | Timesok.com


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Do I try again if IVF cycles fail? (Last IVF Failed, Should I Try Again?)
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I am a 33 year old woman. I was not able to persuade, so we made the idea of ​​getting the help of IVF, but my IVF cycles have also failed. What should I do now? Please provide guidance.

- Rohini Deshpande, Pune.

This is very discouraging for people doing IVF treatment, but you should not give up easily. Behind its failure, there are reasons for steroid, aspirin, platylet-containing plasma, intraplipid infusion etc. For success in IVF, ICV has increased the rates of IVF due to techniques like Intracitoplasmaic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Embryoscope, Intraceptoplasmic Morphological Selective Sperm (IMSI) and vitrification. Some people's IVF also fail 5-6 times, so do not get frustrated.
Talk to your Fertility Expert. If you want, take second opinion from another expert.

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 Personal Problems

My age is 29 years. Recently, there was a potency test of my Oyranian tubes, both of which are tubes block. How can I become a mother?

- Urmila Mishra, Jamshedpur.

As you mentioned that you have both tubes blocks, then you have two options for divgnancy. The first option is surgery, where the blocks of tubes will be removed through surgery. After this, you can naturally conserve, but there are more chances of ectopic divgnancy. The second option is IVF. Due to the latest technology, the potential for success in IVF has increased much earlier than before. The IVF process is also very easy and patient friendly. For more information on this, you can talk to your gynecologist, they will guide you right.

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 Rajshree Kumar

Dr. Rajshree Kumar
Gynecologists and Cancer Specialists
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