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Change today is a bad habit of the bathroom, anyone can make poor
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Every person's habits are different. In the astrology and Garuda Purana, auspicious habits have been described. Due to good habits, we get fortune with luck and due to inauspicious habits, problems in life can increase. Here, know about such a bad habit because of which the blunder of the Moon, Rahu-Ketu increases and poverty can increase ...

- After a lot of people leave the bathroom dirty or without water Do waste. This habit is going to increase misfortune from astrological perspective. Because of this, the faults of Chandra and Rahu-Ketu increases. The water factor is the moon and bathroom is related to the water element. By wasting water in the bathroom, the moon becomes weak in the horoscope.

- Where dirt lives, especially when there is dirt in the bathroom, the defects of Rahu-Ketu begin to grow. Rahu-Ketu are shadow planets and both are always curved. These planets stop for about 18 months in an amount. Due to these only Kalsarp Yoga is made.

- Rahu-Ketu are such planets that can change the fate of any person overnight. Rahu-Ketu becomes inauspicious for those who do not take care of cleanliness.

- Due to bathroom dirt, Vaastu defects also increase. Negativity increases in the house because of the increase in Vastu defects. Due to negativity, thoughts of people living in the house become negative too. In such a situation, success is not easily achieved.

- Keep in mind to remove the flaws of Chandra and Rahu-Ketu, keep bathrooms always clean and do not waste water at all.