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Avoid These Password Selection Mistakes While Selecting Your Password
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Combination of passwords, some numbers, some letters and symbols, When creating a password, you often think that no password can be hacked by you, but it can happen. Sometimes, while making the password, we make small mistakes, whose best advantage is to take the hackers. If you want to be careful of hackers, avoid these
mistakes when creating a password.

 Password Selection Mistakes

How To Password?

- If You Use Internet Banking If you do, keep the internet ID's password and password confidential.

- Change your password from time to time. Keeping the same password for a long time is more likely to crack.

- Use only one password for an account.

Keeping a password, keep a few points

- Never share your personal information - name, mobile number, adress etc with anyone.

- Create a password based on house number, birthdays, anniversary, mobile number, wife and children. Do not mistake. Any person you know can hack your account based on these information.

- Do not create a password even after the name of your favorite stars and place.

- In addition to the above personal information, your mother's surname Do not share with anyone unknown. The reason for this is that if the user resets the password of his debit card, then your mother's surname or stomach name is first asked in the security question.

- Banks send messages to their customers from time to time to alert If someone asks for personal information, then inform them immediately instead of sharing them with them.

- Useing the same password for different accounts can be risky. If hackers know the password for one of your accounts, it will be easy to sign in to other accounts.

- Once you sign in, hackers can access your bank account from your email and address.

- Easy password is easy to remember, but creating them increases the risk of hacking the account, because hackers easily crack simple passwords.

- Passw Do not share personal information when others are aware of you, such as your nick name, your home street and road name and number, mobile number, name of your pet animal etc.

- Password Avoid using simple words (such as rivieive) and sentences, keyboard patterns (such as "Kunsinu" or "Rinuu") and sequence (e.g., roll or 1234) while making them.

- Sentences and idioms for creating a strong password Use s. Sentences or idioms should be such that other people do not know.

- Make your personal and professional account passwords different. If your professional account is hacked or you have any fraud at the professional level, then your personal information will also leak.

What to do to create a strong password?

- If you add some characters to the password , Then the password must be 8 or more characters.

- Create a password by combining letters, numbers, and symbols.

- When creating a password, type the letters Replace points.

- Make passwords always long. Longest in which at least 10 letters, numbers and symbols have been used.

- One of the advantages of creating long passwords is that these passwords are strong, which are difficult to hack.

- It is a bit difficult to remember Strong passwords, so you can download the Password Manager app.

- This app saves your password, which can be accessed with single password or OTP It can be.

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How to Keep Your Password Safe?

- After making Strong passwords, keep them typed at places such as purses, wallet or desk etc. Do not make a mistake. Anyone can sign your account by stealing this password.

- Create different passwords for your important accounts, such as email, online banking account. Some websites give the option of OTP, which strengthens your security.

- If you forget your password, you can get rid of this problem with the help of Password Manager App.

- Always the password Before downloading the manager app, check their review.

When is the need to reset the password?

- If you've forgotten your password or your password has been locked, To reopen the countdown, you will have to reset your password.

- If you feel like someone else is accessing your account, immediately reset your password.

- If you want to If you are unable to sign the account for any reason, then you need to reset the password.

- Nagesh Chamoli

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