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Avoid hair and skin with salt water and save it like this-hot-gallery What In India | Timesok.com


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Avoid hair and skin with salt water and save it like this-hot-gallery What In India
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Khare Pani ke Nuksan: New city, new place, new environment, it takes time to adjust people in all. Similarly, adjusting our body also takes time to adjust but when the change becomes the cause of the problem then problems start coming. The loss of salt water is also one of the few problems.

It takes some time to go to a new place and stay there to balance yourself. And after some time you are getting more changes than before. Which reveals your body, hair and health. Many people become obese, so some of them are very thin. Someone's skin looks strange. The reason for this is the saline water of the tap.

Yes, if you live in saltwater area then your hair and skin may get damaged. Because saline water is very hard and the skin is very soft. In such cases, saline water completely damages the skin and hair. Which can not cure expensive shampoo and conditioners from expensive.

What is saline water (Khara pani kya hota hai)?

Ordinary water in which the amount of mineral content such as magnesium and calcium is higher Salty water is called. Although it does not have any side effects, it can cause serious problems for the skin and hair.

What is the effect of salt water on hair and skin?

for hair - Hair

After washing the hair repeatedly with salt water, a layer becomes formed in the hair which damages the hair. After washing the hair with this water, they look stale, dry and lifeless. Because the salt water layer does not allow moisture and nutrients to enter the roots of hair, it results in dryness and dandruff in the hair.

for skin - In skin

Wash face with salt water But he gets kept. Skin begins to stretch, skin becomes dry. Many times, due to saline water the irritation and burning sensation in the skin also occur. Therefore, never use soap on the face with saline water.

If the water of your area is also saline and you want to protect your skin and hair from its side effects, then here are some measures to help Your problem can be overcome.

1. Use vinegar:

A good amount of acid is found in vinegar, which works on removing the layer of salt water deposited on the hair. Mix vinegar and glycerin with moisturizer and apply it in your skin and hair. This will help to balance the pH of your skin and scalp.

While the vinegar will strengthen the hair roots. Not only this, it also helps to soften hair. Glycerin also helps in the removal of skin infections and makes it smoothed. Apple cider vinegar is a better solution, but do not use balmessic vinegar.

Vinegar - How to use vinegar?

  • Mix vinegar and water in 1: 3 to apply on face or hair. Apply this mixture in the hair after washing hair with shampoo. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it.

  • Put 2 kneading vinegar in the water for the skin of the skin.

  • Washing the hair with vinegar gives hair shine and thickness also comes.

  • One If you keep using this remedy once a week, hair and skin will not be more harmful than salt water.

2. Use lemon:

Lemon juice contains citric acid which removes excess layer and dandruff from hair. Apart from this, it also helps to overcome many problems of hair. Mix lemon and water well in 1: 3 to make a lemon solution. After shampooing, place this mixture in your hair and scalp. Keep it for 2 minutes and then wash the hair.

Benefits of Lemon -

  • Using it will make your hair shine and they will be soft.

  • This is the best medicine for people troubled by dandruff

  • Lemon is also very beneficial for skin, it shines in the skin and it also acts as a natural bleach for skin and brings glow to the skin.

3. Water Softner for Hard Water:

This is a modern technology in which salt water is purified through the machine. Although it is a little expensive, but with the help of this, calcium and magnesium divsent in the water are removed so that the water becomes soft and does not harm skin and hair.

In addition to this, other metal materials divsent in saline water and It also helps to remove solid impurities which makes the water safer for common use.

4. Shower Filter for Khara Pani:

Shower filter is a more economical measure than the last resort. It removes the amount of water, chlorine and other chemicals, and cleans the water. It can be easily used without spending more money.

So these were some common measures with which you can save your hair and skin from salt water. Do not use any measure to think more than the quantity given, otherwise the problem may be there.