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At this age of age, sexual relations are less interested .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery | Timesok.com


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At this age of age, sexual relations are less interested .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery
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Sex is a part of life that keeps you happy and if you enjoy it, it can prove to be the best for your life, but very few people enjoy their sex life for a long time. . One of the reasons for this is that people become gradually disadvantaged for sex with increasing age, while others forget to enjoy sex life due to their family responsibilities. This has been revealed in the new study.

Researchers have questioned many occasions for their sexual lives between three and a half thousand people aged 25-41 years of age. According to a report by Dot UK, Mary Claire Dot, the analysis of the findings indicates that people enjoy the frankness of the relationship for a year. It was also found in the study that having a child in contrast with traditional thinking does not have any effect on the quality of sexual life.

Main article on the study at Maximilian University in Munich, Claudia Symeberg, said, "Sexual satisfaction of the couple during the study There is no role of the child in front of the child. "The conflict between the couple is said to cause less sex between the couple than the children, in which the couple They have an emphasis on the fact that there is less controversy between them, the less sex becomes. They said that according to research, there has been a decrease in sexual relations with having children and increasing their age.