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15 fun facts related to women that you have never heard before-hot-gallery
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A woman has a hand behind a successful man. Women are the part of this world, without which the structure of this world is just an imagination. Women are walking with step by step with the men of today's age. Today we are telling you 15 interesting facts related to women ....

1. Women's eyes are more than twice as much as men.

2. According to the statistics of women, 2 kg 700 gm is used lipstick.

3. Even after having sex, they divfer to kiss for 2-4 minutes while it is not in men.

4. 40% of women in America Pregnant before marriage Ati are.

5. Woman word originates from "wyfmen" of. Which means -wife of men.

6. The right to vote for women was first given by New Zealand in the year 1893.

7. Women do not equal men in terms of lying. It means that the person speaks lonely 6-7 times a day, compared to this, only two times a day loses the woman.

8. According to the researchers, women have a lot of potency in the birth of new baby. It can be as much as consuming a drug.

9. You should know that women do not understand the stomach. Yes, a common woman can hide any special thing for 47 hours. No matter whoever it is to share. They do.

10. More people speak more than men. To explain something, a man can speak 13 thousand words as far as possible. There the woman has spoken 20 thousand words.

11. Indian women have been given the divference of the most beautiful women in the world.

12. According to a research, 27% of women die from heart disease and 12% Cancer is killed by cancer.

13.. The most attracted organ of women is her breast. Not only the women but also attract women.

14. Women spend 10 years of their lives in the kitchen.

15. The girls do not like the word that they wear Like any other girl also wearing If this happens, they are very angry.