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10 Easy Way to Make a Juicy Hair Style (10 Quick And Easy Hairstyles Step By Step) | Timesok.com


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10 Easy Way to Make a Juicy Hair Style (10 Quick And Easy Hairstyles Step By Step)
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To learn the easy way to make 10 shoe hairstyles, you have to follow our step-by-step hairstyles. In the wedding, party, festival etc. you can try a simple way to make 10 yoga hairstyles. Let's learn, 10 easy ways to make hair style, step by step.

1) Cross Bunge
* Straighten and straighten the entire hair.
* Attach the Artificial Bean
* Now divide the hair into the left-right two sections.
* Pin the left side of the section to the left and the section on the left side to the right.
* Now the hair is on Set it well. Pinch the extra hair behind the bean.

2) Rosy Bun
* While seeking the demand in the side, pinch the hair on the right and pinch it to the ear.
* Whole Make a low ponytail while combing hair well.
* Now take small sections of ponytail hair and apply a flat look by inserting a gel in a few sections, making daily petals and pinup.
* Some section Make a daily shave of Twist Twist.

3) Fashion Bun
* Lead a section of hair from the front and take a full loop of ponytail.
* Ponytail is light in hair Make a pin rolling like a roll while doing the inner encoding and do the pinup.
* Pinch on the breezes with tiny sections of the short hair, and tweak it lightly.
* Decorate with Hair Accessories

4) Simple Bun
* Divide the hair from the ear to the ear, and divide it into two sections.
* Take back the hair behind the comb combing.
* Remove the demand in the middle of the hair further. Pin the section on the left side to pinpoint the left side and the section on the left side to the right.
* Wrap the left hair of the left hair on the bone.

5) Star Bun
* Separate the section of the hair from the front and remove the demand in the middle.
* Make the hair below as an intern.
* Perform crossbones next to the hair and make a pinup near the back.
* Diamond Touch the finals with accessories.

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6) Flower Bun (Flower Bun)
* Extend hair from two ears to ear, and divide the hair into two sections.
* Make a shoe of the back section hair.
* Make the forest side loos ocean peak of the next section.
* Pinp to the top by pinping it on the thread.
* Decorate with flowers.

7) Quick bun
* Both Leave a single section of the hair near the ear.
* Restrict the rest of the hair to the back coaching.
* Whole B Make a messy twist while tweeting the ruffle.
* Pinch the beans after making rolls from the forward hair.
* Access the accessories with hair accessories.

8) Curl Bun
* Make high ponytail.
* Take a little back combing with many small sections of pony hair and make rolls, then do pinup in the shape of bun.
* Set with hair spray. Decorate with Diamond.

To make a glamorous hair style like Sonam Kapoor see this video:

9) Different Bun
* Take a thin section of hair from both ears and fold from ear to ear, like a mat.
* Make a mat hair like this from the side of the ear, similar to the section of the hair.
* Make the whole hair. Adjust the matwale hair to be made.

10) Wedding Bun
* Backing the whole hair.
* Now pinch the entire hair of the thin section while tweaking it Go
* Become a full hair follower.
* Pinar on Bun by making a finger roll of edge hair.

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