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Your heart will be shocked knowing the fees of 'Dhadk' star cast | Timesok.com


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Your heart will be shocked knowing the fees of 'Dhadk' star cast
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Jadevi Kapoor (Jhanvi Kapoor), daughter of late actress Sridevi, is debuting in Bollywood with film Karan Johar's Dhadak (Dhadak). This movie is directed by Shashank Khaitan whose trailer is being liked very much. Shahid's brother Ishaan Khattar and Jahnavi Kapoor will be seen romancing in Hindi version 'Dharad' of the Marathi film 'Sarat', but today we are going to tell you the stars' fees of this film, knowing who your heart will be throbbing. [1 9659002] 1- Shashank Khaitan

Directed by Shahnank Khaitan, director of 'Badrinath's bride' and superhit film 'Humpty Sharma's bride', directing the film 'Dhadk'. To direct this film, Shashank has taken 4 crores fee.

2- Nagraj Manjule

Nagraj Manjule is the writer of 'Sarat' and 'Dhadk' is the Hindi remake of this movie. To write the story of this film, the writer has taken a fee of 2 crores.

3- Ajay Atul

Ajay and Atul are well-known music directors and composers of Marathi. The pair of these two brothers has been given a fee of Rs.1.5 million for composing music in this film.

4- Ashutosh Rana

Actor Ashutosh Rana will be seen in the role of Jahnavi Kapoor's father. Ashutosh has received a fee of Rs 50 lakhs to play her role in the film.

5- Jahnavi Kapoor

Sridevi's daughter Jahnavi Kapoor is debuting in Bollywood with this film. He has been given a fee of Rs 40 to 45 lakhs for the first film.

6- Ishaan Khattar

Shahid Kapoor's brother Ishaan is playing Jadhvi's lover Madhukar in Khattar. For this, he has been given a fee of 60 to 70 lakhs.

Let's say that this film of Jahnavi and Ishan will be released in theaters next month, ie July 20.

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