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Worried About Cyst In Ovary
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Personal Problems: Worried About Cyst In Ovary

Personal Problems: Worried About Cyst In Ovary

I 27 Year-old working wu . Sonography is done on the advice of the doctor due to complaints of pain in the lower abdomen. In the report, 5 cm in my ovaries Has shown the cyst My gynecologist said that there is no question of panic and advised to follow up after 3 months. I am very upset, please guide me

- Renu Verma

The system that is written in your report is called Physiological Syst. This is common in women's Reproductive Age. If there was anything to be feared, then the doctor advised you to do blood tests, because you have been called for follow-up after 3 months, it shows that there is no serious matter. Followup is very important to know whether a change has occurred in the shape of a syst.

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 Cyst In Ovary

I am a 23-year-old woman. I got married just six months ago. We do not want children for the next two years, so use condoms. But I feel uncomfortable and pain too. Someone told me that the condom or its prison could be allergic to me. Is it really allergic to me? Please explain the solution to my problem.

- Archana Dhhedwal, Dehradun.

You are likely to be allergic to the rubber of condom or to its prison. Since your age is too short and you do not want to increase the family for the next two years, you can use contraception medicines in this way. It is better that you contact a gynecologist, who will tell you which contraception will be appropriate for you.

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