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Why do girls like so many boys, let's know today
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When it comes to liking boys in front of girls, then the toll is often the first in the list of their choice and even if there are many advantages of being a long boyfriend. Let's also tell you today why girls like more boys than boys .....

1. Girls believe that they will fit in the big arms of long boys. According to them, huging long boyfriends is a great fight. According to girls, whenever they hug their long boyfriends, their heartbeat gets faster and they have a great feeling. At the same time, they feel covered by all sides in long wings while hugging.

2. Long boyfriend's shirt becomes your cute dress. Tall boyfriends shirts are very big and work themselves as a lovely short dress for girls themselves. And once this dress every girl wants to wear it. Apart from this the bulk of the long boyfind house can be changed comfortably, and can also remove the cans placed at the height in the kitchen.

3. Girls are very fond of wearing high heels, but with the boyfriend of an average high, they can not go to the party wearing a high 6-inch high heel. Otherwise their average head boyfriend will come on their shoulders. But by having a 6-inch high heel on long boyfriends, you will be younger than your boyfriend and you will see a cute couple.

4. There is no doubt that the big thing is strong. Now there is a psychological reason behind it, somebody else, so this fact is true. When a girl is with her long boyfriend, she feels a bodyguard with her. So a good girl would not want that she get a boyfriend short body guard.