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Well, because of this, women are the most infidelity .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery | Timesok.com


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Well, because of this, women are the most infidelity .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery
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A recent research has found that women who often accept the decision to accept the organism are more likely to cheat their partner. Research has also revealed that women who talk of fecal organism do not have good relations with their partner. In addition, research also found that a better emotional relationship is needed for better sexual relationships.

In the survey conducted on Young Women - Men, it was questioned primarily on how many times the organism responds. So the main question for men is how many times they feel that their partner has reached the organism. Although researchers have claimed that the women who are irritated by occasional orgasm, their chances of cheating their partner are not equal. At the same time, women talking about more organs have been above this category.

According to researchers, women who rarely take out the organism, as their biggest cause of satisfaction, have a good relationship with their partner Are there. Research has shown that the behavior of men by their partners is only responsible for whether their partners will be loyal to them or not. Women and men involved in the research were also asked if they ever betrayed their partner? Also, do they think of cheating their partner even further? Combined responses came in response to these questions.