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Video: Obscene Obscene Reporter During LIVE Reporting | Timesok.com


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Video: Obscene Obscene Reporter During LIVE Reporting
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The passion for the FIFA World Cup is being watched throughout the world. Everyone is supporting their favorite team with a loud noise. Meanwhile, a video on social media is becoming quite viral. Everyone who is watching is surprised and angry. During the LIVE reporting, there was obscene remarks with the reporter. It can be seen in the video that the woman reporter is doing live reporting, at the same time a person comes and what the reporter does and touches the wrong way.

According to reports, Julieoth Gonzalez Theran was reporting for German broadcaster Dechu Valle in Saransk of Russia. While he was reporting to FIFA at the stadium itself, a football lover came here and started to hit the reporter and started to touch the wrong way. Julian was terrified to see Fan doing this. But he continued reporting. Julius shared the video with his Instagram.

While sharing the video he wrote: 'Respect-hot-gallery We do not deserve this deal. We are equally culturally and professional. I am sharing the happiness of football, but we should recognize the boundaries of love and harassment. ' Julieath is from Colombia and lives in Berlin. They freelance for ESPN.

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