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Ujjain's IPS has thousands of girls called 'Civil, Singham' people-hot-gallery | Timesok.com


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Ujjain's IPS has thousands of girls called 'Civil, Singham' people-hot-gallery
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While many girls believe Bollywood celebs as their own crush, there are women in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain, Bhopal and Indore whose heart beats for an IPS officer. Recently, the heart of the woman living in Punjab also came to this IPS of Madhya Pradesh. This girl was sitting in a love affair with the IPS officer's charm. Ujjain, a 27-year-old girl from Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, had come three days ago. He wanted to meet 34 year old IPS officer Sachin Kumar. Atal is currently the SP of Ujjain

Sachin Kumar encourages a lot of hi-tech things in his work. She is quite cool even in private life. He listens all the complaints of everyone at the time of his work and meets all. Her cool style and handsome personality is very much like women.

She spends around 70 minutes a day in the gym. Recently, during the meetings of the IPS officers, he won many awards in the fitness competition. Sachin passes away from the 2007 batch Madhya Pradesh IPS He is the fitness icon of all the officers and seers of his department. Sachin is an inspiration for youth by becoming an IPS at the age of 22. In any case, fitness or adventures, it is not less than stars.

People also call them as Singham, Dabang Officer. Sachin is a resident of Bhopal. His father retires from the forest service and the brother is in the Indian Army. Sachin says that the workout is free of the stress and the brain runs in a fresh manner. He has also been a National Level Cricket Player. He also played cricket at the National level in 1999, in which he had won the gold medal.