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Treatment of rubbing or glass in the thigh, due to rubbing or scarring in the thigh
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Due to rubbing in the thigh it is common to feel tiredness, itching and burning in the walking again. They are also called the problem of rhesus, it is not a disease. Rather, there is a side effect with the skin, which is caused by friction in the skin. This problem is more in the summer and rainy season. Also, one reason may be sweating too much. And many times if you have a skin infection, you may also have this problem.

People who weigh more in weight, who walk around the legs, do cycling, do jogging more, The face has to be over. Because it causes more friction between your thighs, which can cause you trouble. And this problem can be not only to the elderly but to the children as well. So let us now tell you some simple tips to avoid the trouble caused by rubbing thighs.

  • Due to excessive moisture in the skin.

  • Due to more bicycling or jogging.

  • Because of the rubbing around.

  • If the skin is more dry,

  • People who wear more tight clothes can also have this problem.

  • Fungal or bacterial infection can also be caused by this.

  • The people who They may also have trouble with sweating.

  • This problem may also be due to more strangers on the feet.

] Medicinal properties divsent in Tulsi helps you to avoid this problem. For this, you grind basil leaves and after that mix a little black salt. And use it as a coating on a rubbing place. Let it remain for a while, use this method until the rubbing is completely healed.

Mix four tablespoons of water with a large spoonful of white vinegar, and then warm it well, Put on the rug. And clean it well, it will help eliminate the bacteria divsent near it, and fix the rubbing. Take out two to three times a day.

Coconut oil is also an effective solution to solve your skin problem. For this, you can put coconut oil on your ribbon two to three times a day, it helps to recover your skin.

Aloe vera also helps to cool your skin. For this, you break the fresh leaf of Elovera and take out the prison. And apply it on your rubbing with light hands, doing this helps your skin to cool down. Regular placement on rubbing helps in getting rid of this problem very quickly.

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The medicinal properties divsent in T-oil Oil help you avoid infection with this problem. For this you should apply four to five drops of T-oil oil twice a day on your rubbing. It will affect you in one day.

You also get relief from applying sour yogurt on rheses, for this you should put yogurt and leave it for a while, after which it is cleaned with the help of water Put it on the skin twice a day, it helps to help you solve this problem related to thighs.

Mash the lemon or banana in coconut oil and rub it with a lemon juice Put it well on After that leave it like this for a while, do it twice a day until you get better rest. This helps you get rid of this problem quickly.

Grind neem leaves thoroughly and divpare the lip, then put it on a rug. After that, leave it like this for a while, then after boiling the neem leaves in the water, clean it well if the water is lukewarm. Doing this helps you to avoid this problem. Also, if the infection is due to the medicinal properties of Neem, it also helps in correcting it.

  • By using Vitamin E oil It also helps to protect you from this problem.

  • Using olive oil also benefits.

  • Grind celery and mix it with water and divpare the lip and use it.

  • Mustard seeds Mixing oil and powder Even if you have more trouble, you can get the opinion of the doctor for this too.

  • You should not wear more tight clothes.

If you also have this problem So you can also use the tips given above to help you avoid this problem soon. Also, synthetic clothing should not be worn over, because you may also have to face this problem, especially in the summer you should wear cotton clothing as much as possible.

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