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Toothache Live With Bothered, Try Four Easy Home Remedies
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The problem of pain in tooth often leads to people. People are also troubled because of this and there is problem in eating food. The toothache is different from the pain of any other part of the body. Often people will know you who tell home remedies for toothache. Here we are telling you the easy four home remedies that can relieve your toothache. If dental pain is high or persistently, then show the dentist ...


The main thing on our Indian diet is onion. In this, the divsence of antiseptic substances reduces the pain of teeth. For this, you only have to lighten the light onion piece with teeth. If there is a problem in crushing, then you can put onion juice also in the teeth.


Guava is a vegetarian fruit, but its leaves are also used in many home remedies. New leaves of guava are very effective for your toothache. You can chew lightly with new leaves cleaned, or boil them, clean the mouth while rubbing it with water. After doing this, you will get relief quickly.

Salt and pepper

Mix salt and pepper with water, be careful that it becomes like a paste. Put this paste in the painful tooth. It may look a bit pungent but it also relieves the pain of the insect teeth.

Wheat plant

Wheat is used by people for bread but its small plants also provide relief in pain. It may be that you do not get easily, but nowadays, new wheat plants are easily available in the market. You can chew it by putting it in your mouth or you can boil it and rinse it with water. You can do this by 2 to 3 times per week.