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This is a sign of weak relationship between you and your partner
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The idea of ​​sharing everything with partner is so beautiful. It tells the strength of the relationship, but if your partner wants to share the e-mail or phone password, then this is a sign of weak relationship. There should be little space in every relationship and this desire is the encroachment of that immense personal space. We are telling you why these passwords should not be shared.

Sometimes we can not take the convenience of the internet, in this way, the password can be very much shared with the partner, but the first try should be that the Internet You can change the password as soon as you get it. It is not your trust with your partner but your respect for privacy.

Both of you believe in each other, this does not mean that you share the information of others with your partner. If your partner asks you for a password, explain to him the fact that you have information or photographs of others that you can not share with them.

Many times people consider it to be their peers and heart is happy in heart that they are so envious of them. This is not a good sign Today, tomorrow will ask for all your decisions.

There is nothing definite in the world. Your relation is not untouched by it. Tomorrow if you and your partners are separated or bitter bit in relationships, then there may be some misuse of passwords and you do not feel confused.