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This drip of dry red chilli will open up the way
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Dry red chillies have a significant place in our kitchen. Without it the food seems tasteless But you probably do not know that dry red chilli, which enhances the taste of food, also opens the way of our progress, makes it worse and works well. I know about the successful experiments of dry red chillies ...

If you want to progress in your home, then bundle 7 whole dry red chillies in a handkerchief and keep it where you keep your money. Money loss will stop and the house will start roaming. In the same way if your activities are being interrupted, then take 21 grains of red chillies and fill them in a lot or the world. Now throw this water out of your house seven times or throw it on the road outside the house. Your stop will start working.

Also, if your health is not always good, then put five dry red chillies in a cloth and put it under your bed. You will always be healthy by doing this. Propose: Dry red chilli is used when seen. Take red chillies for this and take a look at it. After taking out the sight, burn the chilli on the burning stove and burn it. The eyes attached to it are removed. This experiment of dry red chill will definitely be beneficial.