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This actress told her pain, said, I am not in luck.
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Home » This actress said," My pain is not in my luck. "(This Bollywood Actress Said that Love is not her Destiny)

Bollywood's famous actress got so much love on the screen , But in real life he was craving for true love. We are talking about Bollywood's renowned actress Manisha Koirala. Yes, Manisha will be seen playing Sanjay Dutt's biopic 'Sanju' her mother, Nargis Dutt. The film is being released on June 29. During a recent interview, Manisha said while exdivssing her heartache that she is no longer waiting for romantic love because her luck is not likely to be a love for a man.

Manisha married Nepalese Businessman Emperor Dahal on June 19, 2010. However, due to mutual differences, both men divorced in 2012. Earlier, Manisha's name was associated with actor Nana Patekar, although Nana was already married, so she could not marry Manisha, so both of them got broken.

It is important that Manisha came to know in December 2012 Was that he had oral cancer. After that, he went to the United States for treatment.

He was treated for about 6 months in New York. Due to chemotherapy treatment, all of Manisha's hair fell. After defeating this deadly disease, Manisha is now playing the role of a cancer patient in Sanju. To play Nargis Dutt, Manisha believes that it was not easy for her to live up to that pain and trouble again.