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The scriptures also say such women are attracted to men | Timesok.com


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The scriptures also say such women are attracted to men
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Even if you do not have any faith in astrology, there are some things in astrology that can not be denied. Yes, many times people go to astrology in their eagerness to know their future, and through them we want to know our future so that we can know about ourselves. Likewise today we are going to tell about women who have been written in the scriptures also. In this it is told what kind of woman are attracted to men. Let's know about those 5 women .....

1. Shankini

These women are slightly different from other women. That is, it can be long, some fat and some weak. They always look unhappy and look angry. Are always annoyed with her husband and do not want to be apart from the family.

2. Chitrani

These women are very affectionate. These makeup are more beloved and they are also intelligent. These women always keep their family happy and have faith in God too.

3. Hastini

Such women are alike, as well as they have more desire for luxury. From time to time, their behavior varies, and anger sometimes gets more.

4. Paushli

Such women become the cause of sorrow for their own family. They are very fickle from nature and are attracted to non-male other than their husbands, due to which they are not respected.

5. Padmini

Such a woman is beautiful, beautiful and talented. Always keep your house and husband happier and calm down by nature. Such women are less and the men who get them are also fortunate.