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Storytelling- Short Story- Shudhikaran
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 Hindi short story

Manisha was thinking of leaving Anuj in wonder, "By the law and rule, she will be pure after a quarter of a month, but the 'purification' of her soul has happened today. '

The sound coming from the kitchen is broken. It was just 6 o'clock. 'I do not know what aunt is doing in the kitchen so early in the morning?' Manisha was not in the mood to rise, but she knew that she would start giving voice only, so she had to get upset.

Manisha and Anuj Had been married for three years. Manisha was to become a mother. He was running for the seventh month, so to take care of her, Anuj had called Aunty with a special request. Manisha's mother was staying with a younger son in London and there was no one in her family who cared for her at such times.

Anuj's mother died at the age of 10. Father did not get another marriage, but he got himself involved in work. Anuj was not in trouble, so he sent him to his daughter-in-law Alka. Anuja had forgotten all her sorrows while playing with the affection of the aunts and the warts and their children, playing with Sudha and Vaibhav.

By completing her studies, she became very high in her capacity and returned to her father. Both father and son were very happy, but within six months, their father also died.

Anuj married Manisha with the consent of Aunt, from Manisha. Manisha was a fair idea girl. His nature was also good.

Anuj was worried about his future children, that is why he wanted to keep aunt every moment. Vaibhav was in Jodhpur and Sudha was a wife in Kanpur. Free of all obligations now he had come to support his son.

Manisha was very troubled nowadays. When he slept in the afternoon for a few days, the kitchen would have the taste of native ghee and nuts from the kitchen, but in the evening nothing in the kitchen would be named. He could not even ask for aunt from a doubtful aunt.

Occasionally there was aunt market. What do they bring? Where do you keep Neither till date, he said, no, Manisha asked.

But he knew that something is going wrong. One day in front of Anuj in front of Anuj, she asked aunt, "What did you buy in the afternoon?" Aunt answered, "Sudha's child had to take some luggage. He went to take it. "And in this way he defied the matter.

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One day the doctor returned from, then saw the Aunt Store Was in the room. Kamwali told that a man came, talking about wood. Manisha got angry with the ghost Now the purchase of household goods has been started.

'Oh God, what should I do?' The health of Manisha was also affected by all these things. But the worm of doubt was completely dominated by it. He wanted to send the aunt back to the village.

First of all, he arranged for a cameo. Now he was looking for the spot. The call of Sudha came from Sanjog, which was picked by Manisha. Sudha said Rajiv has gone out and his health is not well. If mother can come for 10-15 days ..?

Bus, Manisha raised this issue so much that we can not keep aunt for our selfishness. Sudha needs them. She said many things like this. Two arrows were struck by an arrow. He also became great and his problem also got solved.

Anuja had understood something after watching the arrival of the aunty, but said nothing.

Manisha had given birth to a beautiful daughter at the appointed time. Gave. The house also came in four to five days. Now she had to stay in the night too, so she asked him to clean the room. He came in the adjoining room. Now she and the child had to live in this room for the quarter. After that both of them had to be purified and the daughter's naming was done. All these rules were understood as aunty, hence Anuj had made the same arrangement.

Manisha was going to lie down that Anuj gave her an envelope and said, "Aunt gave it. It was said that on the day you come home, give it to you on that day. "

Due to this, Anuj went out. Manisha started reading the letter by opening an envelope.

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Dear daughter Manisha,

Today you have become a mother, congratulations -hot-gallery I have grown or granddaughter whoever is, too many blessings.

Daughter, I am sorry, I could not live with you. I wanted to go after purification only, but Sudha has to go already.

In my room you will find all the things you need. Son, all these things have to be kept hidden from you. It is said that there should not be any shopping before birth, so I had gathered all these things in the name of Sudha's baby.

You have made a laddu for yourself. The doctor had refused to eat poor food, so he could not even tast. Yes, for the day of worship, the baby's crib has been made from the wooden chair of his grandfather. Putting it in the same cradle, grandfather's blessing is also important-hot-gallery I have told all to Anuj. Take care of yourself It is necessary to go, therefore I am going.

Your aunt,


The letter was over. The head was parked with all the accessories near the head. In this cold winter of January, Manisha got soaked in sweat. Oops-hot-gallery How many small minds I had-hot-gallery The aunt who kept thinking of me and my children night and day, I was always worried about getting them out of the house.

Then Anuj came in for mobile. Aunt's phone was Formal things happened. Manisha's voice was not coming out. In the end she said so much, "As long as you do not come, your granddaughter's name will not be named. You obey me, which has been forbidden. "Aunt laughed and said," Hey-hot-gallery Why do I need to swear in this way? "

Manisha was thinking of leaving Anuj in wonder, 'By the rules and rules, she will be purified every month, but her soul' purification ' It has happened today. '

She lipped her panties, made from aunt's aunt by her hand.

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