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Story- Kachchi Dhoop
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"Hey ... look, see someone ...-hot-gallery Come fast-hot-gallery This girl has gone crazy-hot-gallery "

Arpita stared at Khushi, she was screaming-she was screaming. The drop-down from the wrist crew was bleeding. The girl was not crying. With great effort, he kept tears in his big eyes. There were questions in the eyes of all teachers. In a few moments, the crowd of girl students had gathered together with questionable eyes. All the teachers brought happiness to the staff room and closed the door.

"He was writing Rajiv's name with blade on his wrist." Arpita said in a pitiable post.

"What ...?" Many All the teachers had a singular voice.

Arpita was waiting for her co-teacher and friend Srutha sitting in the staff room for a long time. Shruti got out of class when the bell rang, and from a distance she was seen sitting in the staff room.

Shruti knew that Arpita was troubled over the last several days. A strange case was a cause for trouble for him.

"Shruti-hot-gallery Are you free now? Then sit down ... tell me the solution to my problem.

You know, now happily, there is a lot lost in class. Her eyes like always look for Rajiv, looking towards the door. For the past several days, Rajiv school is also not coming. I do not understand ... how many days will it run? The fate of a good girl like happiness should not be anywhere near the stake. "

" Arpita ... Now you should meet happy parents. By the way

I think, we can get the solution of this problem. "Shruti had said something in mind.

" I do not know, what solution do you see. I've lost this girl. The more I explain, the more it is becoming confused. Now tell me ... what should I do? "Arpita stared at the hand of Shruti.

" I ... let me solve this problem tomorrow. Now I have to do some things once with Mrs. Joshi. "

Late night, Suryati was missing from the eyes of Shruti. He was remembering the events of the past several days, so that he could find a solution to Arpita's problem. Shruti and Arpita were teachers of this school for the last five years. The two started working together in this school. Both of them were lying with different types of girl students and both of them often used to be disconnected in relation to girls.

A few days ago, Arpita, a student of ninth grade, told about anything about happiness, The topic of the problem was. Shruti and Arpita were not unaware of the views of the teenagers in this age,

But the happiness of happiness was taking some serious form.

Khushi was one of the proud students of her class. Rajeev also used to teach in the same school. A charming and sensitive teacher. In the class of happiness he was a teacher of Physics. His manner of teaching was also attractive. Joy was promising, so like the other teachers, Rajeev also paid more attention to it. Maybe ... gladly got affected by this. TV. Or he had read somewhere in the books and he was imdivssed with them, once wrote a small letter of love for Rajiv Sir in his copy of Physics. Rajiv was surprised. He told Khapshi class teacher Arpita. Arpita did not have such hope with her dear student. In anger and anguish, without thinking anything, he punished happiness. When Shruti saw Khushi standing in the ground in a strong sunshine, all of it was known.

"Apu ... What is this? What do you not understand that happy age is going through? Explaining to him ... he gave him such a punishment-hot-gallery "Shruti had scolded Arpita.

Arpita was also disgusted by seeing the tears of humiliation and sweat that came from the heat on the red-faced face of happiness. Shruti and Arpita alone explained it quite a lot.

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"At this age we live in the dream world. At first we are affected by physical attraction. Then any sweet talk or praise, then ... that person starts to feel like us. We begin to decorate the dreams of tying our own life. But what we look forward to is not the same truth Every man has two sides. The second aspect is to find us. You are understanding, no ... happy-hot-gallery This love does not exist. This is just a charm. Forgetting this incident, you pay attention to your studies.

"Shruti explained happiness. At that time, seeing all the tears and low eyes flowing through the eyes of happiness, everyone had understood that the girl was embarrassed on her own mistake. So her guardian was not called.

But it was not ending. He was crying, because he was sad that even his dear teachers did not understand him. This was also revealed afterwards. Shruti and Arpita had gone out of the staff room along with Khushi that Rajiv Sir had come out. The way happiness was seen by them, all of them were crushed. Rajiv continued to take his class while ignoring him and looking at him. Gladly now became silent In the free time, she did not live with her friends, but she was now more responsible for her studies. Rajiv Sir was not able to appear as open as he had before, but he was not able to read it openly, because the students started whispering in their class or the dabby-smile laughing.

Then came Valentine's Day-hot-gallery Ninth and tenth girls now understand the importance

. On his face, a gentle smile is playing in the name of love. His whispering resonates throughout the school. On the same day the entire staff room was shocked by the scream of Arpita.

"Hey ... look, look someone ...-hot-gallery Come fast-hot-gallery This girl has gone crazy-hot-gallery "

Arpita stared at Khushi, she was screaming-she was screaming. The drop-down from the wrist crew was bleeding. The girl was not crying. With great effort, he kept tears in his big eyes. There were questions in the eyes of all teachers. In a few moments, the crowd of girl students had gathered together with questionable eyes. All teachers had closed the door by bringing Khushi to the staff room.

"It was writing Rajiv's name with blade on his wrist." Arpita said in a pitiable post.

"What ...?" Many

"This girl has gone crazy."

Mrs. Joshi had lifted her hand in anger.

"What do they think, by doing so, Rajiv Will you get Rajeev is married. She has had her own life. "The writer of history had told some trick.

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Shruti on the hands of happiness The bandage was tied. Khushi once looked at the crest in an attempt to tell what to go from her grave eyes and had turned away from the second moment.

Principal Mrs. Josh Joshi sent Shruti to explain happiness.

"Teacher ... I love Rajiv sir ...." After a long silence, Khushi said.

"But do not you know that they are married?" Do you think that he will marry you? "Shruti had peeped into the eyes of happiness.

" If she does not marry me, then I will die. Suhuti would have committed suicide.

Shruti did not understand what she would do now. Then there was unintentional in his mind that why should not he talk directly to Shruti.

Even Shridi was negotiated with Rajeev, but that crazy girl kept crying in her lap and kept crying and Rajeev So frightened that they did not speak anything. Understanding or explaining a teenage girl was not just on the bus of young physics teacher like Rajiv. Rajiv did just that he had taken leave from school for a few days. But this problem could not be solved.

Shruti had solved this problem in the silence of the night.

"Apu ... today I have come to the rescue of this problem." Saying her friend

"Well, we will do the same. Well, the parents of happiness say that if there is no way in some days, they will show him to psychiatrist. "Arpita said sadly in a very drowsy voice.

Arpita came over happiness," Joy, you love Rajiv sir-hot-gallery "Shruti had said.

In the north, Khushi raised his eyesight and looked towards Shruti.

" Khushi, we have talked with Rajeev sir. They say that they will marry you, but before you also see their other side also, understand. I mean, you see the environment of their home. Look at their domestic form. If you want you can go home with us. "

Arpita began to explain happiness as per Shruti's plan. After some deliberate deliberations, he was happy.

According to the plan, Rajiv was in his house. They were on bed by divtending to be sick. Glad to see the eyes of happiness and Rajiv was sitting in the head of Rajiv. In a while, Rajiv asked to bring tea to him. Gladly surprised the face of Rajiv's face.

"Yes, yes ... go no, there is kitchen on the left side. There you will find all. And yes, just make a hard tea. Headache is happening-hot-gallery "Rajiv had requested. Khushi went mad towards the kitchen with an unimaginable mind.

Perhaps once or twice, Khushi had made tea in her house, so she was able to make tea very difficult. She was thinking of tears in her eyes, 'Anyway, in the house, the mother asks for anything, I do not like to go to the kitchen and here ... sir's house ... I have to make tea.

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"Gladness, praise has just returned from the market. You make a cup and tea. "The voice of Shruti from the outside room was heard. Pleased with happiness.

'It was already made by measuring tea. Now again ... I do not know what else will be theirs. 'Bubbling joy again started making tea.

Khushi came to the meeting in the middle of half an hour, and then came to the praise.

"Joy Now you are going to be a part of this house, so I want you to learn the work of the house. Let me also teach you the work of washing clothes. "Praise said with great love, holding hands of happiness and lifting it, but happiness was tired. Looking at his face, Shruti and Arpita pointed to each other.

"Khushi, we go now. You understand all the work by praise. Now you also have to handle everything for one day. By the way praise is now going to be a mother too. "Shruti said while going out with Arpita.

Khushi was quietly standing without understanding anything in the state of uncertainty. After all what? He had already told Shruti that he would not have any objection to staying with Rajeev's wife in the same house. But they will marry then Rajeev Sir.

"The ... given-hot-gallery Is your home not working? "

" He is so. But Bai's trust is all work. Now the income of Rajivji is also tied-up. Some work will have to be done manually. "Praise tried to introduce happiness to the truth by smiling the mind-free-mind. From the heart of happiness, gradually the ghost of love was slowly falling down. Where did he think that sitting near Rajiv would pass him all day seeing him. Your loved one will spend the whole life in white faces, curly hair and attractive body. Rajeev Sir will also keep answering his innocence questions and where all this-hot-gallery

Suddenly there was another attack on happiness. His Rajeev Sir, Lungi-Valiany went towards the bathroom. Joy also showed a shadow of a beard on his head.

'Rajeev sir ... no special beauty, no, no. I was just being crazy. 'Khushi had thought of the mind itself.

In the evening when happiness came back home, it was very tired. All day long praise had been done with her. Pleased to be bored.

'If I continue to work all day, when will my studies be? Everyone says that I am a good student. so…? Then I will work so much, how can I spend time with Rajeev Sir? Then praise is the mother of the mother. If I say, Rajiv Sir will not divorize her, then she will not divorced. Then Sister says that the income of Rajeev Sir is not so much that two maids can be kept. What will happen then ...? I loved one-sided love ... 'Tears were tears in the eyes of a happy person.

On the second day ... Shruti and Arpita were sitting in the staff room.

The other teachers were in their class. The happiness came in the room after seeing the opportunity.

"Teacher ..., I am sorry." Gladly bowed his head.

"Happy ...? What happened ...? "Arpita asked

" Teacher, I just want to do my studies. I have now seen the truth about the other aspect of life. I will not marry ...

"What ...?" Shruti and Arpita said almost happy.

"We are happy that you understood the reality. We also did not want that good students like you just forgot the study and made the wrong decision. Marriage is going to happen. But first reach that age at first. Then the maturity will come and you will understand everything. Then you will be able to accompany the wedding memories. What looks now, only one aspect of the picture is visible. Five years later, if you remember this sentence, you will be laughing yourself. Then all of this will be childish. "

Shruti sat happily in front of her.

" Sorry Teacher-hot-gallery Now I will try to understand. But people will help me? "Khushi said wiping his tears."

Arpita went ahead and said, "Teacher, always help the studios, happiness-hot-gallery"

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