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Smoking has a deep impact on the relationship, Survey figures will be surprised-hot-gallery | Timesok.com


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Smoking has a deep impact on the relationship, Survey figures will be surprised-hot-gallery
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Most people who smoke cigarettes are victims of the misunderstanding that stress is removed from cigarettes. The survey was conducted to detect patterns of cigarette smoking among the members of the family and close family members. Indus Health Plus, a leading company in Preventive Healthcare, conducted a survey for one week to understand the behavior of cigarette recipients at home.

Some interesting findings have been found in the survey. About 58 percent of women divfer to drink cigarettes after sex, while 70 percent of men smoke after cigarette casts. Cigarettes are the most catered after eating, after which the cigarette casts at the time of defecation in the morning. According to the survey, about 81 percent of smokers smoke in the house, while 19 percent do not smoke cigarettes at home because of family divsence. Not only that, 94 percent of female smokers and 74 percent of men smokers smoke cigarettes at home.

Smoking, garden, bedroom and restroom are the best places to smoke because of the place to relax. The balcony is the most divferred location in these rooms. Simultaneously, when it comes to making a monthly budget for cigarettes, 33 percent of women make budget for their smox, compared to men.

Only 24 percent of respondents said that they should drink cigarettes Will leave This shows that most people are unaware that smoking cigarettes causes both infertility and both men and women. There is no other smoker besides them in the house of 51 percent people. It is a proof that there is no motivation for smoking cigarettes after seeing other people in your family.

Drinking cigarettes leads to heart disease, there are respiratory problems and may also be cancerous. According to a study, a cigarette can reduce your life by 11 minutes. Indus is running a campaign to disseminate this fact and is advising people to quit smoking and get 11 minutes of happiness.