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Simple Tips for Being White, Accept Yourself and Choose Your Appearance
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In today's era everyone wants to see the white. Everyone wants to look beautiful and beautiful. We also take many measures to get the white skin. Clean, fennel, vibrant skin makes everyone lose their skin. Boys or girls, everybody wants to look blonde. Smiling color reduces our confidence. We get upset by seeing our lifeless skin, and take many measures to get clean, rusty skin. We do not know what measures to get the white color. Having a white color in today's times is also very important for achieving success. Many times we also have a lot of behind in our work area because of our colors. Let's know some home remedies with the help of which we can make our skin clean and feed-feeding.

  • Drink water much more- Water is very important for our body. Life without water can not be imagined. Water not only discourages our thirst, but cleanses our body from inside. Water extinguishes the harmful substances that are made in the body and enhances our skin.

  • Eat nutritious food - To look beautiful, it is also important for the body to be healthy. We must eat nutritious food to get a healthy body. We should include all kinds of vegetables and fruits in our food. So that our body can get all types of nutrients.

  • Exercise regularly - Exercise is also very important for our body. By exercising, the body is tight and our body feels energized.

  • Sleep complete - After working throughout the day, it is also necessary for a person to rest. If sleep is not complete, there are dark circles under our eyes that look very cumbersome. It is important for a person to take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

  • Clear your face with rose water- After clearing your fodder with water before sleeping, The face of our face shines and our face is fresh and feeding.

  • Orange pack of orange - In orange is found in vitamin K which is necessary for our body, we need to dry the orange peel Followed by him And at home can create a stunning face pack. Mix this pack in rose water and apply it on your face and then wash the face 15 minutes later. It removes the stains of our face and our face is fresh.

  • Use potato- Starch found in potato helps us to refine the color of our face. Whether we want to cut thin thin slices of potato, keep it on your face for a while or grind potatoes and apply that paste on your face.

  • Use yogurt- Curd us Everyone gets easily in the house. We can use it to clean our face. Using curd regularly, we can erase the stain of your face.

  • Lemon-lime Lemon is a natural bleach. Vitamin C is found in it, which is an effective means of retaining color. Mix lemon juice with glycerine and rose water and divpare a lotion, then after cleaning the face, use it regularly. In the winter, it protects our skin from being stupid and keeps the skin soft.

  • Drink coconut water - Coconut water provides frosting in our summer and we feel fresh. [19659012] Survivors from the sunshine - Summer should be avoided in sunlight. When a lot of work is done then only get out because the ultra-violet rays emanating from the sun darkens our color. Whenever it comes out, cover your whole body and use sunscreens.

  • Use of sunscream- Protects our body from sunscreen sunlight. Protects us from harmful rays coming out of the sun.

  • Honey - Honey does not even bleach our skin as well as nourishes it. Put the honey on the face for a while and then wash the face with clean water. After using it regularly, our face will look clean and colorful.

  • The face pack of papaya - Include papaya in your diet and you can use it even after packing it. Nowadays, many beauty products made of papaya are easily found in the market.

  • Cucumber - Khera works as a natural cleanser. This helps in the elimination of dark circles under the eyes.

  • Chandel's face pack - Applying a coating of the moon gives the face coolness. Chandel's packed spike reduces the claws and helps to remove the scars of the head.

  • Use Baby Eyes- Before every day bathing, all of us should massage the baby with the skin. Looks soft and tender. Baby oil nourishes the skin.

Conclusions: Fennel and young skin draws attention to every individual . Every person wants to look beautiful. If we regularly follow the above measures, then we will definitely see the difference in the color of our skin. Friends, please tell us how you felt our article.

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