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Side effects of mobile on children's brain (7 Harmful Effects of Mobile On Children) | Timesok.com


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Side effects of mobile on children's brain (7 Harmful Effects of Mobile On Children)
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 Harmful Effects Of Mobile On Children

Sometimes children are encouraged to do so because of their legacy, nowadays smartphone has become a toy for children, but do you know That mobile can make your child's brain weak. What happens to the excessive use of mobile phones affecting children's brain? Read this article to know.

Behavioral Problems
If your son / daughter is busy playing games on mobile rather than playing outside, then she is more likely to have behavioral problems than those children. , Who go out and play with their young children.

Moment-changing mood
Most children today have a mood swing problem. These are happy throughout the moment, and the other moment becomes irritated and annoyed. Actually, a great reason for mood swings is more use of mobile. Children who are always busy trying to try different types of applications on a smartphone, they have more problems like this.

Vulnerable advice
The radiation emitted from mobile phones affects the ability of the mind to think . Therefore, the child who is busy for mobile for a long time seems to be weakened.

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Learning Disability
Due to day-to-day high tech technology and its easy availability, the way to read the children has also changed. Now they do not spend too much money on reading us and yourself, because they get all the information only on one click due to the Internet, so they do not have to remember anything. The hard questions of Maths are solved by mobile, which has now become a mini computer that helps. Now they do not need to multiply on the rough paper, the result is that the kids have forgotten to read in a normal way. Normal calculation can not even do without calculator.

Aggressive behavior
Due to being mobile in children's hands, their brains are kept in the same way 24/7. Sometimes playing games, social sites, and sometimes doing some search means that their brains are not comfortable. Due to lack of peace and comfort, their behavior becomes aggressive. Sometimes even during a simple conversation with someone, they become furious and irritable. Such children do not mix quickly with others, others with them uncomfortable. He always likes to be alone.

Being unable to concentrate
Due to constant exposure to harmful radiation, the brain has to deal with many problems. It also affects the normal functioning of the brain. In the brains of the children, the mobile always keeps roaming around, like how to reach the next level in the game? If there is a social site, what's new? e.t.c. Because such things kept moving in the mind, they would not pay attention to their studies. Obviously in such a situation, they have to hear scolding from parents and teachers. Due to embarrassment at home and school repeatedly, they gradually become frustrated.

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Live in the fictional world
Due to the easy availability of social sites on mobile, children are busy keeping the eye on you for most of the time. Instead of making friends in virtual world instead of their real friends and lost in the same virtual world. After repeated refusal by the parents, they also lose sight of their eyes and become busy on social sites. As a result, they go backward in studies and the rest of the things. Due to being lost in the virtual world, their social life is eliminated, which can prove to be very dangerous for them in the future.

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