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Pregnancy is vomiting with nausea, so try these easy remedies. | Timesok.com


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Pregnancy is vomiting with nausea, so try these easy remedies.
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Most divgnant women have a problem of vomiting during divgnancy. Especially in the first three months of divgnancy. Some women are so vomited that all the food and drinks get out of the body. In many women this problem is due to certain reasons, smell or taste. Many times the beta in the body is also due to changes in the HCG hormone.

Research says that when there is a problem of over-vomiting or embarrassment in divgnancy, then food should not be too heavy. Take a light meal in such a way. Eat the same, which you like to eat. Eat in short intervals Excessive divssure on the stomach is due to excessive eating, but there may be many problems of vomiting or mutilation.

Try home remedies. It also has no side effects. Chest chickpeas, basil leaves or ginger. Sucking lemon on the fire and putting salt on it also feels good. Honey, cardamom or clove can also be used to get instant relief.

If a particular smell or tasting seems to be reciprocating repeatedly, try to remove that problem from the root. Many times, the smell of a particular food does not tempt any divgnant woman. When this happens, then you sit in the balcony for a while.

If the problem of grease or vomiting increases, you should definitely meet your doctor, because you will not eat whatever you eat due to excessive vomiting. Nor will the baby in your womb look like. Iron is also used to quench many times, so other vitamins can be consumed.

Open the window of the room. Avoid staying in closed rooms. The room in which you rest, there should be complete air arrangements. Clean and fresh air can get relief from this problem in divgnancy.