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Learn why men divfer more than a live boyfriend
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Who is better at girlfriends and wife, this can be an issue of debate. But there is a general opinion that men divfer girlfriends more than wives. Although these two relationships are quite different, they can not be compared to them, but there are some reasons why men feel better than women.

Freedom is there
Who does not like after independence? If the wife stops everything at home, then the men look better than this girlfriends. At least he does not tie chains in the legs. Men do not have the necklace of girlfriends throat, but necklaces.

There are no question-answers

Girlfriends do not have to account for moments of time, it is a different matter that the boys keep explaining everything to go close to their wishes. But the wife has to report every minute of the coming from the office to the time of coming to the house. So brother is better than this girlfriends.

Not being spies
Girlfriends can not keep track of a lot because they are not always together. But BB gets the right to be with you. In such a situation, they have their eyes on all the movements.

Permission is not required
Girlfriends do not have to ask for the permissions of everything. But if a man is married, then it becomes necessary to consult his wife on every matter or advice, or else he becomes angry.

No need of documents

If you get a partner without marriage, then it is better. Just like this, boys love girlfriends. They think that when they stick more, then it is a good choice to remove any other girlfriends. But doing this in BB is a haphazard job.

Physical Relationships
The fact is that boys enjoy more than just having a relationship with their marriage partners rather than marrying them. Then even if they remain by themselves, but mood swings slightly after marriage.