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Learn what is the treatment of wings on the face, home remedies to avoid Zhiyo | Timesok.com


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Learn what is the treatment of wings on the face, home remedies to avoid Zhiyo
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The beauty of the face not only enhances your personality but also helps to increase your self-confidence. But it is important that you keep your health well with your face and body. Because, if you do not take care of your face, before time, you start looking over your face, if you do not take care of your health, then it can also be due to this. Now, if you think that your skin is very white and you have wings on your face, then how would you feel?

To avoid the flames on the face, the woman also uses a product from many different types of markets. But with this product being expensive, there are times not too effective. Are you also troubled by the problem of the ivory on your face? If yes, first of all, it is important that you keep a careful look at the cleanliness of your food and the skin of your face. In addition to this, we give you a few simple tips to avoid shrimps, which help to clean your face by removing your joints.

  • Due to the sun's rays, melanin is formed in the skin due to which the skin

  • Due to stress, it also starts to wobble.

  • Due to the rising age also the face starts to wither.

  • If everyone in your house has this problem, then you too Ti.

  • due to sleep-completion may also freckle on your face.

from raw milk or cream or yogurt in a bowl and put it on his fading pigmentation of good cotton help. And then leave it on the face for half an hour. Regularizing this helps to remove the zygotes gradually from your skin. If you want, you can also use it with gram flour or mustard seed.

dry the scales of orange and grind it well, after that, divpare a paste by mixing basil juice or rose water. After that, put this paste on your frying pan. And leave it for half an hour, and after that you can clean your face by using cold water. Regularly doing this helps you to clean your face slowly.

Mix one spoon gram flour and pinch of turmeric in a bowl well, then add cream in it to make it coating. Now put this paste on your face, and leave it for half an hour. After that, clean your face with cold water, using this remedy twice a week helps you escape the zoo from your face.

Keep four to five almonds soaked for the night, after that in the morning Take out the peel and grind it well. After that mix the cream and lemon juice in it, and divpare a coating. Now apply this coating on your joints, and then leave it to dry. After that, cleanse your face with cold water.

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Add some water to apple vinegar and now with the help of cotton, put it well on your yaw. And let it stay for five to seven minutes, then clean your face with the help of lukewarm water, do it regularly, doing this remedy also gives you relief from the problem of oatmeal.

Red onion Grind it or make a paste, or take out its juice. Now apply this juice on your frying well. And leave it on your face for half an hour, after that wash your face with clean water well. By using this method, you also get a living from Xiaon on your face.

Grind the guava and bananas thoroughly and make a paste by mixing it, then apply this paste to your frying well. And then leave it for only half an hour, then wash your face with clean water. This is also an effective solution for the eryservant.

Take a spoonful of sandalwood powder and add two spoons of rose water. Now put this paste on your face, and leave it to dry. After that, clean your face by using clean water. Even doing this remedy helps you get relief from flax.

Grind the avocado and divpare good paste, and then paste this paste properly with your face Find on After half an hour after it was put on a little skin then wash your face well. Doing this also provides relief from the problem of your joints.

  • Before your divsence in the sun, Take cover and also use sunscreen for skin, which helps your skin to avoid the bad effects of sunlight.

  • Heat the honey lightly and apply it on your skin, and face it for overnight Leave on Wash the face and wash the face, it helps to soften the zest slowly.

  • You also benefit from applying olivera gel on regular face.

  • With the help of Rui, remove the juice of lemon Put it on, and wash it after drying, make it regular.

  • Grind papaya, pineapple, or any other fruit thoroughly on your face, it also helps to clean your skin.

  • Remove the juice of brinjal You also benefit from applying on the rye.

  • Applying Gulabajal and lemon juice also benefits from applying on joints.

  • Mix without salt or sweet, drink regular carrot juice;

  • Tension can also cause jhaye on the face, therefore should be happy, and do not take stress.

  • Cut tomato slices and massage them with light hands.

If you Also jha Thus it is annoying problem you can find relief from this problem using any of the tips above. Apart from this, this remedy will show its effect in a single day, but with regular use of it, your skin will be completely wiped clean, and it also helps to make your skin glowing.

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