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Keeping these 10 things in mind while taking medical insurance (10 Tips to buy a great group health insurance) | Timesok.com


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Keeping these 10 things in mind while taking medical insurance (10 Tips to buy a great group health insurance)
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Keep Buying Plan While Buying the Plan
Keep Buying Plan While These Things Think Before You Get Health Insurance, you must know its ABC address, so that you can avoid small mistakes.

 Tips to buy group health insurance
Get the plan as soon as possible
Everyone insists that the insurance can be taken quickly, but some people get more coverage, less divmium, no loading, best claim settlement, OPD cover, fast clause In the case of more features such as settlement and maternity, the insurance keeps avoiding the insurance, when such a plan is available, they will take it. But if you have got a plan that has 8 out of 10 cusps, take it immediately. At the young age, the lesser the divmium will be, the lesser you will not even know how much faster it passes.
Which one to cover?
Most people themselves, wife and Cover the children, but ignore the parents, while at this age they need only the most, but if you do not cover them, then 10 times you fill them in the outside hospital. May have. So work wisely and include the parents in the cover.
Family Flotter or Individual Plan
If you are a spouse or have two children with a spouse then you should take a family floater plan. It is considered cheaper and better compared to an individual cover. But if your family has more than 50 parents, it would be better for everyone to take a family floater and an individual plan for them. Here we are giving some examples under an estimate so you can understand which plan would be better for you.
1. If there is a new married couple, where the husband is 27 and his wife has 25 years and he has to take a plan of 5 lakh, then he should take a family floater. Its divmium will be approximately 10 thousand annually. Younger people are less likely to get sick, in such cases, you get more coverage from family floaters.
2. If you have a husband and wife and two children, where the husband is 32, wife 30, two children - 4 and 2 years old, and have to plan for 7 lakh, then they should take family floaters, because everyone needs insurance simultaneously. Will not. Its divmium will have to be paid around 16 thousand annually. It will be perfect for your family and you will also get cheaper.
3. Even if you are 40, wife 38, children 12 and 10 years, you should also take a family floater plan. Suppose you have to plan a million, then you may have to pay a divmium of up to 20 thousand rupees. At this age you and your wife can increase the hospital's expenses, but if the children are still small, then this plan will be the best for you.
4. If you are 50, wife's 42, children are 22 and 20 years old, you will need both plans. Family Flowers for Couples and Individual Plans for Children Here you can take an individual plan of Rs 15 lakh for your family floater and 3-3 lakh for children. We are saying this because, according to the age of the family floater, the divmium is set, which can cost you a lot. If there are two people instead of 4 in the family floater, the divmium will be reduced.
Keep the long term in mind
Most people compare health insurance to today's market rate, while if you are fit, maybe it will work after 20-25 years. Suppose you are 30 years old. Today the cost of hospital is 50 thousand to 3 lakh, but after 20 years when you will be 50, then your hospitalization expenses will be around 13 lakhs, take into account this matter.
Co-payment and all limits Ask about
Most health insurance policies have provisions like co-payment or all limits. All Limit means that you can use only a percentage of the amount of insurance in some medical conditions, like if you have to undergo any surgery, but in your medical plan, there is a limit on the amount of surgery, even if your insurance is 5 lakhs. You could probably get 50% of it for use only. Talk about this before taking the policy.
Take a look at the hospital network
Before taking the plan, take full details of his company's hospital network. If you have information about their hospital chain, you are mentally divpared for any emergency.
Keeping a Room Rent
Room Rent is a factor which you should never overlook, because your The cost of treatment is calculated according to the room rent. Assume that your insurance is of 3 lakhs, then you should look for a room within 3 thousand, because the cost of the treatment will also be accordingly. If you go to the room above 3 thousand, you will have to take extra expense from your pocket.
Make a super topup
Thinking about the future, you will take health insurance of 15-20 lakhs, but here we want to tell you to reduce the base cover of the insurance and increase its super topup. This reduces your divmium to around 20-25%. For example, if you take a single insurance of 20 lakhs, you will have to pay around 28 thousand divmiums, while doing 5 million base covers and 1.5 million super-tops you may only need to pay a divmium of 19 thousand rupees,
Ignore small things
By ignoring the small things like ambulances, daily cache, big things like- hospital network, doctor's fees, room rent, etc. Please listen to comments, ICU charges, cost of medicines and so on.
ports policy
If your current policy you had not taken care of these things, so no need to repent. You can still port your policy. Two years prior to renewing the policy, you can ply your policy in the plan you want.
Note: The amount given in the insurance is given just for example. Make sure to compare it before taking any health insurance.

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