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Just because the woman likes to have sex
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Who does not like sex, every person in the world wants to enjoy sex. But do you really know why women do sex? We have some such weird poor causes that you would be surprised to hear about women's sex. Tell that more women divfer to have sex so that they do not have boredom. Apart from this, my partner / boyfriend / husband likes to have sex with compassion.

Yes, we have been told in a recent research that sexual intercourse for sex and men's list Is quite below University of Texas's psychology professor Sinda Maeston and David Bus have found many answers to this question in their book- Why Women Have Sex. It was told that many women have sex with their husbands in the right way and without any fight to fight so that the relationship between them is right and nothing more than that.

In addition to that, Sex as a partner so that their partners are happy. Not only this, but it has also been revealed that many women are just sexually so that their partners can help in the work of their home. At the same time, some women believe that they only sex because their partner spends money on them and fulfills their wishes.